Responsible gambling In most cases is a non-problematic pastime for well over 90 percent of gamblers.
People who do get addicted make up the other 10 percent. In this article, we want to talk about this group, as well as other groups that should not play games. And what action is being taken here to encourage casinos to implement responsible gaming?.

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Basically, each player is responsible for themselves and cannot pass this on to the provider.  Many online casinos are dedicated to addiction prevention and voluntarily support the rules of responsible gaming. Reputable online casinos usually provide detailed information under “responsible betting” or “responsible gambling” and also offer players the option of defining certain limits.

Deployment and time limits are not the only options for responsible gambling. Casinos that follow these rules also give their users the option of being wholly out of the casino. For people who see in themselves a gambling addiction hazard, so can temporarily pause.

If you are addicted to gambling, you can also have your player account permanently blocked. In addition, online casinos that support the rules of responsible gaming can lock an account, without the player requesting it.


The situation for online casinos proves again and again in the UK to be very complex. In addition, strict standards in the area of responsible gaming apply here. In addition to strict entry controls and player blocking, one of the main reasons is the close cooperation with drug addiction organisations.

Although since most online casinos operate internationally and do not rely exclusively on players from the United Kingdom. The measures can vary from provider to provider. Questionnaires and information on counseling centres should already be available in connection with detailed information. In the UK, various independent bodies support responsible gaming and do valuable work in prevention and therapy. – THE ONLINE PORTAL WITH THE SUPPORT OF RESPONSIBLE GAMBLING

Many people do not worry about playing responsibly. They see gambling at the online casino as an exciting pastime. This can also result in a dependence in the form of a gambling addiction, repeatedly show various individual cases.

Here on we are aware of this and do not just want to introduce reputable online casinos. We also make the players aware of gambling addictions. As an online portal focusing on online gambling, we consider it our duty to support responsible gaming.


Responsible gambling not only involves educating and preventing gambling addiction but also ensuring certain standards.

Online casinos are generally aware of their responsibilities and are actively against casino fraud. At first glance, this may seem like self-protection for providers. Security measures against criminal players also benefit users. By fighting criminal activities, online casinos finally create the basis for a fair play.


Data security should not ever be forgotten. Users sensitive data if in the wrong hands can get abused for criminal purposes. Consequently, when choosing an online casino you should not only pay attention to the range of games. And the bonus promotions. You should also put special emphasis on data security. An encryption via SSL is mostly standard here and the basis for a functioning data protection.


Data security at the online casino is not just about protecting personal information. More than anything else when it comes to online payments. The use of SSL encryption is the rule for online casinos as well as for many banks. This means the casinos will first request comprehensive documentation before the first payout takes place. This will put a stop to criminal activities such as money laundering.


A secure online environment is the alpha and omega of gambling on the World Wide Web. Licensed online casinos know this and therefore invest a lot of strength and money in modern security measures. The protection of payments, the security of personal information and the rules of responsible gaming. Together create a secure online environment where passionate gamblers can pursue their passion.  Unfortunately, black sheep appear, again and again, players should always convince themselves that it is a reputable and trustworthy provider. Before they trust an online casino.


Even in marketing, gambling providers should show a special sense of responsibility. Responsible gambling already begins with the advertising measures, which should be ethical. Among other things, it is about not addressing young people. Gambling has a certain addictive potential. Unlike many other areas, gambling providers are therefore always involved in designing their marketing. In a way that raises the question of whether advertising complies with ethical principles and responsible gaming laws.


Protection of minors against gambling is of particular importance. Casinos take this very seriously and they support concerned parents with a whole series of measures. For this reason, there is an exchange of the data at the first request in practically all casinos.

The minimum gambling age in the UK is 18. Please note that in some countries the minimum age for playing the game of chance is 21.

As a parent, you have a whole range of opportunities to protect your children from gambling. So there is parental control software (for example, Cyber Patrol, Cybersitter and K9 Web Control). These get the hint from gambling sites – “only from 18 years” and then lock your children off automatically. So you are not coming to the casino site.

Often, teenagers use your parent’s details to log in to online casinos – so protect your credit and account information. Do not stay logged in to the online casino while you’re away from the computer. UNcheck “Remember password” if you’re worried that your child could play with your account. If your child has registered an account with an online casino, then you should contact this casino immediately. They can block access to the account.

Do not give anyone, not your children or anyone else. Your personal information to sign up for an account in an online casino. Casinos respond to such breaches of contract (they break the terms and conditions) very strictly and consistently.


Here are some tips on how to gamble responsibly:

  • Consider gambling as entertainment and not as a way to earn money.
  • Play only when your relaxed and focused.
  • Take breaks again and again.
  • Set limits on monthly or weekly spending while playing. Play only with money that you can afford to lose.
  • You can arrange a personal deposit limit in the casinos, so you avoid impulsive deposits.
  • Before starting the casino, decide on which amount of winnings to stop.
  • Decide how much money you want to lose at most!.
  • Never play overtired or depressed.
  • Never play under alcohol or medication influence!.


A small proportion of the population suffers from gambling addiction. Obviously, casino games are the worst thing these people can do.

If you are afraid that you might be at risk. An addiction self-test is offered by many sites. Gambling addiction is a serious condition that can lead to drastic consequences. In case of gambling, casino locks are useful because each additional game makes your situation worse. These locks can be requested for a period of time or permanently by yourself.


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