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Hello and welcome to the best site for playing online blackjack . We have researched and reviewed the best online casinos for you to play the game!.  Whether you are a experienced gambler, or just starting out as a beginner. These top casino sites are suitable for both.

We have hand selected the best online casinos, where you can play blackjack. And to make your gaming experience a pleasurable one. Playing online is not only fun but easy and safe, and with the potential of being very lucrative. The sites we have selected also have the benefit of having special sign up deals and cash bonuses.

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Playing Online blackjack – A Guide for Beginners


Online blackjack is one of the most popular games you can play on the web. It has very few rules, and they are simple to learn. The aim of the game is to collect cards that add up to a total of 21 points, or as near to 21 as you can manage. If you go over 21, however, you lose the hand, and so it is better to stop collecting cards when you are very close to 21.

How to play online blackjack

Once you have identified your chosen online blackjack casino site and signed up for your first game, you usually have to select the level of stakes that you wish to play for. It is a good idea to start small, at least until you have learned the basic rules of the game. You can always increase your risk, and your potential rewards, once you have some practice games behind you.

The screen will show a table, usually with the dealer’s cards at the top, and a space for your cards at the bottom. In some online sites you can play alone against the dealer, or you can join a table with up to 5 other players, all of whom are also playing against the dealer. Remember to focus on the dealer’s cards, however, because the aim of the game is always to beat the dealer.

You can learn more about online blackjack and how to play the game

The value of the cards

Aces are worth either 11 points or 1 point. Face cards, that is to say Kings, Queens and Jacks, are worth 10 points each. All other cards are worth their face value. The ideal starting hand is therefore an Ace plus any other card with a value of ten points. This winning hand comes to a total of 21 points and is called a Blackjack. You will win one and a half times your stake unless the dealer also has a total of 21, in which case your stake will be returned to you.

Special terms used

Like most card games, it has its own special vocabulary. When you and the dealer both have the same total points, this is called a “push”, and no-one wins. The stakes are will returned. When you draw cards which add up to a total of more than 21 points. This is called a “bust”, and it means that you will lose.

When you are ready to ask for an additional card, this is called a “hit”. If you prefer not to have any additional cards and just retain the two that you started with. The term for this is a “stay”, or a “stand”. If you receive two cards with the same value, you can opt for a “split”. This means that you can divide the pair. You then play each of them separately by drawing further cards to make two hands instead of one. You should almost always do this if you have two Aces or two tens (including face cards). If the dealer has an Ace, however, you should not split your pair, even when they have high points.

Double Down

If you have a starting hand that has two low-value cards, and you are sure that one more card will not give you more than 21 points. Then you can double down. This means placing a double bet on your hand. So that you will receive a correspondingly double amount when your hand wins. This is an action that should be used tactically, for example when you think that the dealer is likely to lose. If the dealer has 16 points or less, he must take another card. So you might want to double down if you have low cards in this scenario. This will maximise your winnings and make up for rounds where you have not been able to win.

Another option becomes available when the dealer’s first card is an Ace. You can place an insurance bet at this point, which means that you pay half of your bet to offset the chance of the dealer having a blackjack. If the dealer does, then you will win double this additional insurance amount. You will still lose the original stake, but this gives you at least something back. This is often not a good idea, however, because you can lose both the original stake and the insurance. This happens when the dealer does not have a blackjack but still goes on to win the hand. This will happen in the majority of cases, and that is what makes insurance a poor choice in the online blackjack game.

Knowing when to hit and when to stay

The key to winning is, of course, knowing when to hit and when to stay. If you stay too often, then you are likely to lose because the dealer will often have a total nearer 21. If you hit too often, then you are likely to bust your hand, which means you will automatically lose. The trick is to make the proper judgement that takes your total to somewhere between 19 and 21, since these are the most likely winning hands in the game.


When playing a game of online blackjack working out the best strategy takes a little practice. You will soon learn how to take advantage of the dealer’s weak hand, for example when he has 16 and must take another card. This will probably take him over the magic 21 points. If you make good use of your chance to double down and split, then you can gain an edge over the dealer. He cannot use these options, and so this gives you an advantage.

Practice and advice

Many online blackjack casino sites offer player guides,tuition aids and monitoring software to help you hone your playing skills. There are also sign up bonuses and cash back offers that can boost your payroll. Some Online casino sites may vary slightly from the standard blackjack norms outlined above. If you do your homework, you will find that it is one is of the most fascinating games available online today!

Why don’t you take a look at our online blackjack review table at the top of this page. There are some great  Start up bonuses! These offers are only a click of a button away, but remember please play responsibly. Like all good things, moderation is the key to a fruitful and fun experience.

We have tried our up most to give you honest independent reviews. At some point  you will find all the information available to you on this website useful. Moving forward we will be adding more and more advice and reviews articles over the coming months.

Playing online blackjack safely

Finding a legitimate and trust worthy website. Where you can register and play safely is one of the hardest things to do. Although we have made this easy for you .We only recommend sites that we have checked and that have operated for many years from trusted brands. We would not advise any websites that we do not think honest and reputable. This would lower our reputation as one of the best online review sites available.

What type of person plays the game

One thing is for certain is that there is not one particular type of person that enjoys a game of this sort. I have seen all genders what ever age play the game and really enjoy it! Obviously you have to be of a certain age for it to be legal in your country. You get the people from low income households to the high flyers like football Players like Keith Gillespie and film stars like Ben Afflek. Some of which control their betting and some of them who have serious addictions.

If you think you are susceptible to addiction it is probably best to think hard before singing up to any more sites. Remember only bet what you can afford to lose, and the main reason for playing is for enjoyment. The possible winnings are just a bonus that comes along with the fun. If you do think you have a gambling problem please visit for help and advice.

How our website makes money

Our affiliate website focuses on reviews for online blackjack for the UK audience. We get paid commission every time someone signs up to one of the sites we recommend. The sites we select are not just based on the money we make. There are plenty of companies begging to be listed on here. You can be rest assured we only recommend the most honest companies, not just based on the commission we receive. We search out the best sites with the best start up bonuses to give you a head start when signing up.

Financing your gambling

There are many ways in which you can pay for your online casino fun. You can use standard methods like debit cards, credit cards, PayPal etc or one of the new crypt currencies like Bitcoin. I have heard that if you use this method your winnings are tax free but you can not offset any losses. Please do your homework on this as I am not 100% at the moment. Crypto currency is new to me and I have not researched this enough and also depends on which country you reside. Once I find out more I will update this section.

Playing online blackjack to win

There are two things you need to always remember. The first thing is to always make the main reason for playing fun . Secondly but most importantly there is nothing more true than the saying “only bet what you can afford to lose”. This is one of the most truest sayings in the gambling fraternity. If you bet stakes you can not afford to lose it can lead to serious debt. Once you grasp this ethos you are on to a winner.

Then that brings us to playing the game to win which everyone wants to achieve at some point. If you are an experienced player the you need to chose one of the recommended sites and sing up. If you are new to playing online you can find many sites to play for free and practice online. We have a game embedded on our free games page. You can also sign up to one of recommended sites and watch other people play and see what they do before dipping your toes, Making sure you start with low bets to minimise any losses you might incur.  You can practice on our free game.

Once you are confident you can play the game join us and choose from one of our top ten recommended site. We hope you enjoy and have fun while possibly being lucrative. You can also be sure of the knowledge that you will be safe at all times.

Casino cheating scams

Every year casinos generate a revenue of $70 billion. This is a massive amount of money $70 million is a lot but $70 billion a lot is massive.  Most of other industries could only dream of this sort of revenue.

In this industry there is so much money flying around. Its no a surprise that every type of Casino will be targeted by professional cheats and scammers. They will to try their best to pull a fast one and cheat the house. It’s also hardly surprising that very few people are actually successful. It is estimated that only 0.1% of the money is actually scammed back. The vast majority get caught. We have more information about the ways people cheat

The origins and the history of the game

Online blackjack is by far the most commonly played games in casinos throughout the world. Whether it be online or in a real casino house. Blackjacks history as also been argued and debated on the same scale. There is not one country that can totally state the claim to be the birthplace of  this popular game. It is recorded in many different European countries folklore history. While France may lay their claim to the game by saying it is a modern day derivative of their own game. “Vigt et un” which means 21 in English.  The Italians Argue that the game is not to dissimilar to their 14th century game. “Trentuno” which means 31 in English. In this game 3 Cards had to total 31 to be the winning hand. You can read more about the origins and history.

Remember please play responsible at all times and  if you think you may have a problem please visit