How to solve problems and disputes with online casinos?

Unfortunately, sometimes there will be disputes and disagreements between casinos and players. If you take a look around the Internet and especially of course in special casino forums, problem threads fill the main part of it. This is understandable: Because if there are any problems in the casino, it is directly about their money and that it can quickly become emotional and uncomfortable is understandable for most.

But what can you do if there are problems? Many players don’t know what to do. That is why we have put together this guide for you. We’ll explain the steps you can take and the rights you have.

How do you avoid disputes from the outset?

dispute resolution

The most important step for you starts with you. Choose the right casino. Of course, that’s easier said than done. But especially in casinos where you play with your hard-earned money, it is worth doing a little more research and reading the fine print.

In simple terms
First of all, you should make sure that the casino has a license. You’d be surprised how many casinos don’t have them and how few players notice that! You can always find the license at the bottom of the casino page. So scroll down to the small print. The license and license number of the casino should be there, plus the casino’s full business address. The license should either come from the MGA (Maltese Gaming Authority), from Curacao, or from Great Britain (GC = Gambling Commission). It would be a special extra if the casino was also recognised by eCOGRA, an independent test agency for casino security. If the casino does not have any of these three licenses, then immediately walk away!

Furthermore, it is worthwhile to google the casino and look for reviews. Are there suddenly a lot of reports from players who complain, for example, about payment difficulties? Then the same applies here: stay away! After all, you don’t have to risk anything. Even the best casinos sometimes have disputes, this is quite normal and the whole stories in the forums are not always true. They always represent the subjective side of the players. So if you find a few forum entries, this is no reason to panic. However, it will be possible to establish a casino’s reputation.

We also recommend chatting with customer service before signing up. Customer service will be the first point of contact for questions or problems. You therefore want to make sure that customer service is easily accessible, responds quickly, is polite, and takes care of your concerns immediately.

As a next step, even if many find it more of a nuisance, we advise you to read the complete terms and conditions. Of course, this is boring at first, but as soon as you register in a casino you have officially accepted whatever is in it and the terms and conditions will be the basis for any dispute regulations in the future. You should know that the terms and conditions can vary greatly from casino to casino. The casino is not just a casino. whether you are playing poker or online blackjack. You should, therefore, know what you are signing up for.

What to do if there are problems with a casino?

Customer support

Contact customer service

Contacting customer service is basically the first step in case of any problems. Stay friendly and explain what happened. It is generally always in the interest of the casino that inconsistencies are resolved, since of course bad reviews should be avoided on the Internet.
First, make notes about what is going on or what happened, and compare this with the general terms and conditions of the casino. Disputes should first be presented as neutrally as possible.
Then contact customer service and definitely tell them which part of the terms and conditions you refer to. Describe the situation and first ask for help and advice on how to proceed. Provide any data that can help you with this and support your case. The date and if possible the time, the exact amount when it comes to transaction details and, if possible, even screenshots. We generally recommend taking screenshots as soon as something goes wrong.

Most problems and inconsistencies can already be resolved in this way. A good reputation is very important to the casino as this is an important point for attracting new customers. As a rule, an examination procedure is now initiated, from which you then get a result. Are you satisfied with this result: Congratulations! Then the thing is done.
If you are not satisfied with the result, we will move on to the next step.

Alternative dispute resolutions

That means something like: The engagement of a third, neutral entity. Every reputable and licensed casino is legally obliged to provide you with at least one other point of conflict resolution. This can be, for example, the eCOGRA. The whole process lasts an average of 90 days. So you have to be patient. Of course, that also depends on the complexity of the case. You should also inquire in advance at the third instance about any costs you may incur. In general, initiating a conversation and making a claim is generally free of charge. However, there may be follow-up costs or examination costs.

The same applies here: if you are satisfied with the result, then congratulations. Arbitration has been reached.
If you are not satisfied with the result and still weigh yourself in the right, then you still have the option to go to court in the last instance.

Take the casino to court

Before you sue a casino you should get good legal advice and check the terms and conditions very carefully. If you have this checked by a lawyer or a law firm, you will also incur costs for this.
In the United Kingdom, such as the Consumer Rights Act 2015 may apply to you, because a contract has been concluded between a financial transaction between an individual and a company.

Before a license is granted to a casino, it is examined by the Uk Gambling Commission. The casinos have to demonstrate fairness and transparency. Fairness also includes dealing with disputes and whether the casino is able to make objective, correct decisions. Transparent refers to the access to the information a player needs to make legitimate decisions about playing in a casino.

Going to court should always be the last option. Not only is it associated with high costs for you, the casinos also have professional lawyers who specialise in casino law.



You should remember casinos that have received eCOGRA awards. ECOGRA (= eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) is a London-based company that performs tests, certifications and player protection for online casinos. It is an internationally recognized test center that specializes in software and information security management testing. They also work as an independent arbitration board between players and online casinos. On its page you can read exactly how a procedure works.
ECOGRA provides players with a dispute form that you can fill out and submit to eCOGRA.

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