High Roller Gamblers

The term “high roller” refers to a certain type of player in the casino. Their main character traits are risk-taking, They love the thrill of gambling. He or she has plenty of money to risk.

High Roller Bonus at the online casino

The fidelity of the High Roller is rewarded with extra attention by the casino.  After all, they are the best customers. Depending on the budget of the High Roller. Special bonuses may include free nights in the penthouses and suites of the casino resort or even private jet flights. High rollers are also called “whales” and are profitable for a casino operator. Anything can happen on a wild night.

Every casino player likes to think of himself as a high roller. Someone who is overwhelmed with exclusive gifts must be treated extremely well to tempt them to spend cash in a particular casino!. Complimentary points, extra bonuses, great odds, and extremely exclusive events and opportunities are not just for everyone. But only for those who have good taste and lots of money.

How do high rollers play?


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A high roller has a big advantage, a thick bankroll. This is especially important if you play a long strategy.  And have to have a correspondingly long breath for them to pay off the bets.

High rollers also like to stay among other high rollers. They want to play with people who can do as much as they can.

You often see that in movies, the high rollers get a completely different and much more discreet service. This is not only important for the high rollers, but also for the other players.  Who could not keep up with a small bankroll at a poker table.

In addition, the limits are quite different for example. For high rollers, limits are sometimes increased quite a bit – or even completely removed. Of course it will make the games more exciting, but it will be hard for someone on a smaller budget to keep up.

How do you become a high roller?

High roller blackjack table

That’s why the High Roller in a land-based casino, and also an online casino. have extra rooms with special bonuses and guaranteed privacy. High rollers can expect personal service because they make a lot of money for the casino. They are considered has “secret celebrities” in the casinos. They can multiply their already high stakes in a few minutes. Most players can only dream of that!

You have to meet certain criteria as a high roller. Spending a certain amount or even in online casinos climb a certain level of the VIP system. Normally, the casino comes to the players on their own to tell them that they are considered high rollers and have played for certain bonuses freely.

Unfortunately, you can not just become a high roller by playing a bit more than usual. The high roller always has to use a certain amount of money to qualify for this status. The best way to compare this with the “air miles” of an airline. It is not easy at all to get a high title, and always resorts to money.

Advantages for high rollers

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One of the biggest benefits for trusted high rollers is the credit line they get from the casinos. Even if high rollers get off with many losses.  They have the privilege of playing on the casino’s credit and paying off their debts with the potential gains. Because they are known to the casino and are trustworthy in most cases, high rollers always have this bonus.

But what is a high roller bet? The sum of the bets depends entirely on the casino. Mostly everything from 50,000 counts as a high roller bet. Because the table limits for high rollers are different than for the normal players. Casinos can arrange particularly exciting games and tournaments just for them.

But not every casino can afford it: because of the volatility of the results. A casino must have extremely strong financial means to offer a table limit of up to $ 500,000 (as in Macau). That’s why high rollers look for their casinos wisely. Looking for offers of their favorite games with the appropriate limits?. Can a big loan be guaranteed? How are high rollers treated compared to other casinos? just a few of the question they might ask.

High roller Casino Lounge

High roller Lifestyle and Lounge

Most people would most like to be high rollers to enjoy the lifestyle that goes with it. The expensive cars, the spontaneous flights to the casinos. The great stays, the luxury and of course the fact that you’re a high roller and treated like a celebrity.

However, there have been some high rollers in the past who have cheated and lied to get big sums of money to play at the casino. These are not real high rollers. Real high rollers have enough capital and can sometimes lose. For them, that is a big part of the rush play for.

Nevertheless, they are considered an exception among the casino visitors. Most players in the casino are relatively well-heeled, but would never spend so much money. So while the high roller does not add much to the casino’s revenue. The service and effort involved in making it your favorite player may well be worth it. If a high roller loses money, he loses big, a very large sum, from which the casino can profit big.


Of course, there other types of “High Roller” players. Ones that play in online casinos.  The shy type who does not want to bother getting on a plane. And spending his money in Las Vegas – though he probably could do it financially.

They prefer to play maybe on a mobile device, or from their couch at home. Or while commuting to work or a business meeting. This is possible for them, because even online casinos offer their high rollers very specific attractive bonuses and deals!

You get a direct line to the service team and of course much better deposit conditions. You can first sit down at the live casino and get your own rooms to play with higher limits.

The most important factor. Just like in the regular casino in Atlantic City or Las Vegas, is, of course, the increased line of credit. Again, it usually depends on which online casino the high roller is playing. As a loyal, customer with high expenses, he has a very special position – even if the whole game only runs online!


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