Footballers in the British Premier league under performing due to gambling addictions


Many players in Britain’s top football league, are underperforming on the pitch, due to worries about financial losses.

In private interviews with academics,  players of Britain’s top football clubs have admitted to playing high stake betting games prior to a match. either at hotels or on the way to the match while on the coach.  Admitting if they lost this would affect their performance in a negative way.

The research as found that footballers are finding easier to hide this from their partners by using online betting sites as they can do it online or on their phones conveniently and in private.

34 professional players were interviewed in various leagues including premiership players, some players mentioned that their gambling losses would affect their performance, which leads to the rest of the team being resentful about their teammate’s habit.

These players that gamble play due to boredom,  their lives are very constrained and heavily regulated, so gambling is a way to relive this.

With the increase of Internet betting made feeding their addiction more easier.  One premiership/international player said “I liked to gamble on the bus, but with being able to bet online made it so much easier I could do it all the time” his wife found out after a year or so she helped him to control it.  he also said ” there is a culture in football to gamble and it can be very addictive if it grips you”

This is not a new revelation gambling has been known to be a problem for many footballers for years.  with several high profile players speaking out publicly, about the emotional and financial problems that can arise.  Form a survey of 350 cricket players and football players it t been estimated that 6% are “problem gamblers”.  this is 3 times more than the general public.


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