Blackjack Tips & Tricks: 10 helpful tips, from which you can profit massively

There are many reasons why blackjack is such a popular as a casino game. Most experts assume that it is mainly the small bank advantage that makes blackjack so popular. In contrast to other classic or modern casino games, the player has correspondingly higher chances to walk with a profit in the bag out of the casino. Anyone who has already dealt with the blackjack strategy for beginners and also knows the blackjack rules can get in the following guide some blackjack tips & tricks for beginners, which make it possible under certain conditions to make even more money with blackjack.


Facts about our 10 best blackjack tips & tricks

  • Blackjack with less bank advantage than usual
  • Different ways to reduce the bank advantage
  • Hard hands as a popular method
  • Soft Hands as an equivalent
  • Special operations are not advised

Tip 1: Find reputable casinos

Most players at this point always expect a specific special trick in terms of the blackjack game, which they have not yet known. In fact, the most important trick that experts suggest to ambitious players is always that they should only rely on a reputable casino operator. After all, when the casino is tricking, even the best blackjack tips cannot help, and in the end, the player loses his money anyway. A look at the big casino test can help.

  • Trust only reputable Casinos
  • Not all casinos have blackjack in the program


Tip 2: Take advantage of bonus promotions

Since blackjack is such a popular game, it’s no surprise that many casino operators are trying to get new customers to sign up using this game. In this context, various bonus promotions are given away again and again. A particularly worthwhile example is a no-deposit blackjack bonus. Players who want to cash in on the blackjack duel should look around for such offers.

  • Bonus promotions increase your own budget
  • Bring improved profits


Tip 3: Stay away from dubious offers

One of the most important blackjack tips and tricks is: Stay away from dubious offers. This not only applies to the online casinos but also in terms of additional offers such as software or the like. Many scammers sell alleged blackjack betting systems with guaranteed winnings to unsuspecting players. The good faith of many honest players is shamelessly exploited, which is why decent casino customers should rather refrain from such actions. Whoever tries to cheat a casino or does not follow the rules, should not be surprised if he finally cuts into his own flesh. Reputable providers have a live casino, so the game of play feels like a real casino. These include the offers of William Hill Live Blackjack, Eurogrand Live Blackjack and 888 Casino Live with Blackjack.

  • Blackjack systems usually do not work
  • Fraud attempts do not lead to success


Tip 4: Money Managment: Introduce budget limits and set limits

Really successful blackjack take a common sense approach to money management these players know where their limits are. In plain language, this means that every player who approaches the popular table game with ambitions should introduce a maximum set limit or a budget limit in advance. Once these have been exceeded, the player should then retire. The same applies once a certain amount has been won. If you continue playing after that, you take too much risk and could lose all your money.

  • Introduce and comply with setting limits
  • leave the game table at the right time


Tip 5: Do not complete insurance on blackjack

With blackjack, there are various ways to complete a variety of bets of the own hand. For example, there is the insurance against blackjack, in which a player insures against the blackjack of the casino dealer. This bet is less meaningful due to the low probability and is rarely won. Players should refrain from this and prefer to trust their own hand.

  • The player can take out insurance
  • Insurance against blackjack from the croupier as a bet
  • low probability makes this bet superfluous


Tip 6: Do not bet on Bust

Another possibility for blackjack betting is the so-called bust bet on the dealer. In this case, the player bets that the dealer is overbought and, in the case of a correct prediction, receives a payout of his wager in the ratio of 5: 2. However, this event occurs only with a low mathematical probability, so that the player places the regular bets on his own hand wins much more often. Blackjack tricks by the professional discourage these special bets accordingly.

  • Bet bust  on the over-buying of the croupier (dealer)
  • Because of low probability does not make sense


Tip 7: Note Hard Hands

Important blackjack tips and tricks include the so-called hard hands. The counterpart to the Hard Hands, the Soft Hands, is presented in the following tip. Hard hands are card combinations in which no ace appears or in which the ace is counted with only one point. Tricks around hard hands indicate at which time the request of another card makes sense and at which time the player should rather take no further card according to the laws of probability. Many players swear by this strategy and have already won a lot of money with it.

  • Hard Hands do not have an ace
  • Many probability calculations for hard hands and new maps


Tip 8: Consider soft hands

In contrast to the Hard Hands, the tricks around soft hands refer to those card combinations in which there is an ace, which is rated with eleven points. Also, in this case, experts and mathematicians made various probability calculations to help find the right time to ask for another card or to cancel another card. Many experienced players swear by the soft hands and take into account the associated rules in any case.

  • Soft Hands contain an ace with eleven points
  • Many probability calculations for soft hands exist


Tip 9: The right time for a split

A split is the sharing of equivalent cards. Various tricks around splits have also been calculated by mathematicians to help players determine the right time to split. For example, blackjack players are usually advised to always share aces, unless the dealer has an ace in his hand as well. The guidelines for the splits, ie for sharing the same cards, should necessarily sit with ambitious players. The player has scored a tie

  • Same cards can be shared
  • Best time for division of same cards is determinable


Tip 10: Card counting is no longer possible

Many players have already heard about the big card counting trick. Especially in Hollywood movies, this is still used. However, counting cards in blackjack, in reality, has long since become a myth that is no longer feasible. In former times it was possible to count the cards in blackjack, even if this was forbidden. Meanwhile, however, several new regulations have been introduced that have made this trick impossible. For example, today six card packages are used, some of which are arbitrarily cut off.

  • Card counting is a myth
  • The method is undesirable in casinos


Conclusion: There are many helpful blackjack tips & tricks, but no guarantee

Like many games of chance, blackjack is a game in which players can gain an advantage by using probability calculations. to reduce the house edge. This is not illegal in principle, because the basic systems and the classic blackjack tricks are known to the casinos. Players can not really afford a guaranteed profit but in some cases the chance to compensate for their disadvantage a little. Players who just want to start playing blackjack should, therefore, be wary of the various strategies to potentially make more winnings or lose less money.

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