Money Management in Blackjack – Bankroll Management Overview

In this article, we have put together some blackjack tips on bankroll management. Please let me mention clearly that no system of management of blackjack money will solely eradicate the long-term edge the house has against you. Although it will help you to keep your bankroll for much longer so that you can play lengthier periods, and that is what most players of casino games want.


Here is some advice on managing your cash while playing online blackjack

  • On a long blackjack gambling trip, you need to split the money you are willing to lose the number of days your trip is. So, you have the cash to play with each day even if you lost. If was to lose the amount you had set aside for the first day then find something else to do for that day that does not involve gambling.
  • Set session limits (session of the length of time you will play). If you’ve reserved £400 for playing on the first day and are planning two sessions, you only bring £200 to the first play session. If you are unlucky enough to lose the £200, you stop playing. However, you still have the other £200 that you put aside for the second session.
  • Do not overdo it. Playing pound slots with a £100 bankroll will simply not work. Play with a lower face value. If keeping your money longer is your main aim.
  • Chasing your losses is a big mistake to make. Do not bet more in the hope that you can win back everything quickly. This common mistake committed by most players far too often. Also, one commonly made by players with gambling addictions.
  • Do not lose the money you’ve won in a playing session. This is, of course, is easier said than done. Here is some sound advice which will help. You need to set a profit target equal to a few percents of your playing session usage. Let’s just say the bankroll is £100 for the session and that you would not be disappointed if £50 was your walk away profit.
  • If you are lucky and you win more than the £50 profit target, you can allow yourself to carry on playing, but increasing your set profit target to £100. As you continue to win, you incrementally increase your profit target. Now, this is where the discipline needs to come in. When the wind changes and your profits fall lower than the previous set profit target. You should walk away from the blackjack table with intact profits (leave while you are still on the upper hand)
  • You must get used to putting your blackjack winnings in a game session aside to bring it home. Put those winnings in a money bag. You have to be disciplined. Then store in the hotel safe (where they stay untouched until you go home). Or better deposit it into a bank. If that’s still too tempting for you convert the winnings into Traveller’s Checks and send them home immediately. What I am trying to say is, do not put hard-earned cash into the game you won. Once you win it, it’s your money. You do not need to stay at the table any longer than you wish.

Convert your blackjack bankroll into real Blackjack Money

  • When arriving at the final part of your journey, if you have played wisely and smartly looked after your bankroll. You should have covert the bankroll back into real money. Say you have won many chips while playing blackjack either online or at the casino table. Make sure you colour yourself before leaving. The meaning of “colour up” is when asked the casino dealer will change your smaller value chips into higher value chips, so there are fewer chips to cash in at the cashier’s desk.
  • If playing poker and slot machine games many machines issue a ticket when you ask to withdraw. Be careful that you do not lose this ticket and remember this warning that it will expire. So, at the end of your trip, it’s best to bring the ticket to the cashier desk and get the cash immediately. It is too easy to take the ticket home a lose it so do not do it
  • If you have been lucky enough to have won a fair bit of cash at the blackjack table. You should make sure you ask the casino to write you a check for the winnings amount. It’s far far easier and safer to go home with a check rather than a bundle of money.  Once you ask for this the cashier at the casino they will confer with the pit supervisor to confirm you actually won the chips at the casino tables.
  • Also, if you are lucky enough to make a big win on a slot machine. It’s a must to make a request to a casino staff member who comes to the machine you’re playing on. Make clear to them that you require the winnings to be given to you by the form of a check. Another option is to get some paid by part in cash and part by check.
  • If you are still set on swapping your machine or chip winnings into cash, and they are of high value. You should request for a security guard at the casino to walk you to your vehicle.
  • If necessary, you could quite easily these days walk into a bank and either bank it into an existing account. Or convert the cash into traveler’s checks. Getting your blackjack money home in the safest way is the utmost importance and the 2 ways are probably the safest methods.

It makes sense to use your blackjack money wisely while playing, as you have worked hard for it!



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