Blackjack card counting like in the movies – how is it done?

Counting cards blackjack

As long as there is blackjack as a card game. There will be people who want to know about blackjack card counting. So many different players already try blackjack systems to discover with whose help they can beat the dealer. In fact, over a period of time, there has been a method that has been successful in many cases. However, this method required a huge amount of concentration from the player. And only a few exceptional talents could benefit from this strategy with additional profits. Apart from that, this method has not been and is not welcome in casinos. There is the talk of blackjack card counting, that many lucky gamblers from Hollywood movies know. What exactly this is about, how the theory behind the method works and why it is no longer feasible these days, will be revealed bel

Blackjack Card Counting: These are the facts

  • Card counting brings secure profits
  • not allowed in casinos
  • The method that no longer works today
  • again and again material for Hollywood movies
  • requires high concentration performance

What is Blackjack Cards Counting?

Of course, there is more than one blackjack strategy for beginners and anyone who engages intensively with the various blackjack tips and tricks surrounding this game will sooner or later encounter blackjack card counting. This is a method that means exactly what its name implies. The player counts the number of cards spent and their values in the game and can thus calculate which cards remain in the sled and possibly assist him or the dealer (croupier) could be. What card counting does not allow is an accurate prediction of which card will next leave the sled and be revealed.

The player has two small cards in his hand

When counting cards are working with probabilities, an accurate prediction is not possible because the player can not know the order in which the cards stuck in the sled. However, if the player notices which cards are no longer in the game, he can get an overview of which playing cards may still come. This can give him a small advantage and help him decide whether to take a card or not.

  • Card counting does not allow accurate predictions
  • it is calculated with probabilities

How to count blackjack cards? – The simple basic strategy

Many players who have ever heard of blackjack playing cards are often asked the same question. How to count blackjack cards?

The answer to this question is not entirely clear, because there are different methods based on different principles. One of the first card counting methods in blackjack dueling was published in a book in the 1960s. Since then a lot has happened and other mathematical experts have dealt with this topic. In fact, many systems and methods for card counting are now in circulation, with none of these systems providing any real guarantee of profits. That’s what players should always keep in mind. This method works both in classic casino games and online casinos with live casino games, such as William Hill Live Blackjack, Eurogrand Live Blackjack or 888 Live Casino with Blackjack.

To clarify the facts, a small example is presented below. This is to illustrate how a player proceeds with the simplest form of card counting:

  • only cards with high points are counted
  • many high cards on the table: low card comes
  • many low cards on the table: high card is coming

This card counting system is relatively simple and can be used by any player. In fact, players do not even have to remember which cards were issued but have to divide them into two categories: High cards and low cards. High cards are the face cards, the ten and the ace. Since the distribution of high and low cards in the sled is balanced, the player can assume that a low is drawn after a series of high cards. The same applies vice versa. With this fairly simple system, players can increase their own chances.

  • high cards are counted
  • Probabilities are calculated

How successful is card counting really?

If players follow the strategy just presented, then they can gain a small advantage. Of course, there are also various other methods that can be used to count cards. But these are too difficult and too complicated for beginners. In addition, the casinos have significantly upgraded in recent years, not to lose their own advantages in blackjack due to clever card counters.

Conclusion: Blackjack card counting is and remains controversial

There will always be lucky gamblers trying to use the system at the tables to their advantage. Though the casinos will always be one step ahead of these players. If they were to find out that their game was patchy, they would at worst pull it out of circulation or, as in the case of blackjack, tweak the rules a little to make the gaps disappear. In blackjack, it is beneficial for the player to take a look at the cards dealt. And at least keep the number of high cards in mind. Real guarantees for a secure profit, however, does not exist.