The most famous casino cities in the world

Casinos are now available in almost every country in the world. Some venues are true gambling and entertainment cities. Where millions of tourists and visitors spend their money every year and surrender to the fascinating world of games. The global revenues of the gambling industry are now close to 500 billion US dollars. The sinful mile Las Vegas faces the competition of Asian markets. It has increased significantly in revenue and distribution over the past decade. Macau in China is now one of the casino cities that make six to seven times more sales than Las Vegas. Also, the city-state of Singapore is also growing strongly.


The casinos are increasingly becoming entertainment worlds and entertainment metropolises. This also encourages customers to stay longer. Each casino has its own history, which is often closely linked to the region.

Famous Casino Cities

Las Vegas

History of Sin City

• Mafia structures

Las Vegas was originally built in the second half of the 19th century as a stopover for the railway line between California and New Mexico. It also experienced from 1931 a significant increase in population and travel. By legalizing gambling and building the Hoover Dam, many workers and tourists came near and formed the basis for the gambling boom. It has now become one of the most famous casino cities in the world.

Las Vegas Time Line

  • 1931  The state of Nevada legalised gambling on 19 March
  • 1941  The Hotel El Rancho fist opened on 3 April
  • 1946  The Flamingo hotel opened on 26 December
  • 1975  Revenues for gambling went over 1 billion USD
  • 1993  The Treasure Island, MGM, and Luxor casino’s opened their doors
  • 2011 Las Vegas reported over 39 Million visitors
  • 2014 The largest Ferris wheel in the world was built taking the place of the previous largest in Singapore.


Gambling was in the hands of the American mafia, the Cosa Nostra. in the 1930s and 40s. Well-known is Benjamin Bugsy Siegel, who was instrumental in the emergence of the hotel-casinos. And created with the construction of the “Flamingo” the prototype for future generations. Initially, the mafia began extorting protection money from gambling operators, but they quickly started their own businesses.

In the 1950s, Cosa Nostra’s influence grew and after a period of fierce clan fighting. The National Crime Syndicate became a crime syndicate that allowed all mafia clans to operate within Las Vegas. The syndicate broke up in the 70s, but the Forbes magazine lists the city even today as one of the most dangerous cities in the US

Entertainment stronghold

Not only did the mafia make a strong fortune in America’s new goldmine. Many show stars began their careers in Las Vegas, including Elvis Presley, Sammy Davis Junior, and Frank Sinatra. The city, which never sleeps, is home to 20 of the largest hotels in the world, including the MGM with 5000 beds and the Wynn, which was built for $ 2.7 billion. The highest roller coaster in the world can also be found on the Stratosphere Tower and the waxworks Madame Tussaud. Famous shows range from Cirque Du Soleil to Elton John and Shania Twain concerts, magic shows by David Copperfield and Criss Angel. Tribute shows or comedy – Las Vegas has something for every taste.

Sales and records

Meanwhile, the casinos are only involved with 25 percent of the total turnover of hotels. Most of the tickets are for the shows. As well as overnight stays and the extra luxuries. $ 34 billion was used by the hotels, of which only $ 5 billion was accounted for by the casinos. In addition to the largest buildings in the world, since 2014, the world’s largest Ferris wheel is 167 meters high. The famous Freemont Street is illuminated with 12.5 million LEDs and the Hotel Bellagio is home to the largest glass sculpture. And the largest water feature in the world. More facts can be found at

Tips for tourists

MGM Grand Resort Casino

Image of MGM Grand Resort in Las Vegas

It is important to select a hotel of the appropriate price range and to let the casino experience come to you. Tourists can stay at the famous Flamingo for $ 36 a night.  While at the Mirage, prices start at $ 45. Upwards, however, is quite open and many hotels offer additional packages, with a casino, night or show. However, prices start at $ 200 per person at the Wynn Hotel. And between $ 525 and $ 4,250 per night at Mandarin Oriental.


Not to be missed are the Bellagio Fountains, the volcano of the Mirage Hotel or the naval battle of the Treasure Island Hotel. The Freemont Street Experience is a huge dome of LED lights, with lighting, shows every evening, with nearby hotels turning off their lights.

The diversity of Entertainment Parks and Wedding Chapels

In Las Vegas, there are some smaller amusement parks, which provide a lot of variety. The Adventure Dome features roller coasters, rides, and entertainment on two acres. There are also many smaller parks and entertainment parks in Las Vegas, such as the IMAX Motion Ride, Indoor Skydiving or the Mini Gran Prix Family Fun Center.

wedding chapel Las Vegas

A wedding chapel in Las Vegas

Add to that the more than 50 wedding chapels in which couples from all over the world give their vows. In almost every hotel there is one and every year almost 100,000 couples marry in the sinful city. All you need to bring is the passports and it is necessary to have an audition in the Marriage Bureau, which is open from 8:00 to 24:00.


History of the former colony

• Commercial and naval base

Macau is a peculiarity within China. another world-famous casino city. Like Hong Kong, the city emerged as an important trading and naval base by European influences, namely by the Portuguese from 1557. Portugal uses the port city to trade between Lisbon and Nagasaki. From Macau come silver, silk, porcelain and other goods to Europe and after the first opium war, China confirms the occupation of the Portuguese. In 1999, the city is reintegrated into the Chinese Empire.

• Games paradise with special status

The special status under the aspect of “one country, two systems” contains constitutional principles and an inner autonomy of the city. With Hong Kong becoming the region’s most important city, Macao needs an alternative source of revenue. Already in the middle of the 19th century, the Portuguese legalise gambling. Which from then on becomes the most important economic factor in the city. Only 500,000 people live in Macau, but the city has more than 25 million visitors annually. The Chinese government continued to allow gambling in Macao to continue after reintegration, as it has become the region’s leading gambling centre over the last 150 years.

Turnover and development as the leading gambling metropolis

Tourists from all over the world travel to Macau to experience the unique blend of Asia, gambling, and European influence. There are 35 casinos that generate $ 45 billion in 2013. This leaves Macau at the top of the casino cities, which explains the following article.

City of Macau at night

An image at night of Macau 

Important notes for foreign tourists

EU travelers do not need a visa to stay in Macau, but a current passport with a validity of at least three months. The best way to get to the city is by boat and ferry, leaving from Hong Kong every fifteen minutes. The city is only 30 square meters and so many destinations in the city center can be easily reached on foot. There are over 50 bus lines that also drive to the outer beaches or golf clubs. Pay in Macau with Patacas (Ptcs) or the nearly equivalent Hongkong Dollar.

Cultural heritage in a boomtown

Macau is still very much influenced by the Portuguese colonial era. So the landmark of the city is the ruins of the former Pauline Church, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Fortaleza do Monte military complex is a witness to the occupation and is accessible to tourists. Thanks to its restoration. The Largo do Senado, the city center of Macau, clearly bears the architectural signs of the colonial era. And is shopping paradise number one in the city. Everywhere are small fish restaurants and tapas bars still to be found and on every corner, there are cafes with Portuguese specialties.

Monte Carlo 

History of gambling in the city-state

• Business success through gambling

While France, Germany and other European countries banned gambling around 1870, the Principality of Monaco took advantage of the hour. The Frenchman Francois Blanc acquires a concession for a casino in Monte Carlo. Where after the prohibition of gambling in France within just ten years, a true economic empire builds. After he had raised in Homburg one of the most successful casinos in Europe. Some of Monaco’s main sources of income at the time consist of gambling in Monte Carlo. And when France allowed the game again at the beginning of the 20th century, the economic power of the city-state declined. Only by prominent princes and rich patrons a state crisis can be averted.

• Prominent and sophisticated

Casino Monte Carlo

Image of Casino De Monte Carlo

Among the first guests of the casino was first the nobility, later the industrialists and large earners. Examples are the Austrian Emperor Franz Josef, Prince Napoleon, Alexandre Dumas or the Egyptian King Farouk. Although Monaco now only generates five percent of the state budget from gambling. Celebrities from all over the world can be seen in one of the oldest casino cities in the world. But locals, including the nobles themselves, are not allowed to play in the casino.

As one of the most dazzling cities in Europe, Monte Carlo remains the focal point for the rich and famous. Over the last decade, several hotels have been renovated and several resorts rebuilt, including the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel. The whole flair of the complex lives the glamor of both tourists. As well as celebrity guests annually lead to the small state. Thus, the Le Louis XV restaurant has three Michelin stars and is in the hand of Alain Ducasse, who already has 21 awards.

Sales and importance in Europe

The casino in Monte Carlo generates only 170 to 200 million euros per season but in the city-state. Other sources of revenue from the opera or the luxury hotels added. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, Monte Carlo became the world capital of legal gambling. Especially the classic casino games roulette, blackjack or Chemin du fer gained much of their fame here.

Tips for beginners in Monte Carlo

As in almost every casino, the minimum age for gambling is 18 years and an ID card is mandatory. Proper clothing is worn throughout the casino and some more exclusive spaces require jackets and ties. On the homepages of the casinos are usually given more details about etiquette. There are general rules and many players should first look around the tables in peace and make their money bets considered.

Legendary was a game day in the early 20th century when the ball landed 26 times on the black at roulette. And many players lost their money as they sat firmly on red. This beginner’s mistake cost many of their savings, while in an ideal roulette game. The chance for each shot of the ball is equal to red or black.

The meaning of the principality

The Principality of Monaco and its nobles are initially closely associated with the casino. Prince Charles III. founded the Société des Bains de Mer de Monaco (SBM). A state-controlled company that is the first act to build the casino on the Plateau des Spéluges. The nobleman has a clear idea of how he can bring Monaco to new glory and relies on. The high society of Europe. Europe’s noblemen play tennis in the Monte Carlo Country Clubs. And famous tennis tournaments take place every year in Monte Carlo. Other major events include the Monte Carlo Rally and the annual Formula 1 Tournament. The nobility gives the gambling and sporting events the sophisticated flair and tempts the high society to stay in the small state.


History of the tax haven

• Crew, independence, and prohibition of gambling

In 1819, Sir Thomas Stamford built Raffles first commercial building for the East India Company on the island of Singapore, and within a few years. The island became an important trading base for the British empire. In the Second World War, Japan conquered the island and established a harsh regime, which ends with the war, however. Singapore remains an autonomous crown colony until 1965 negotiations with Malaysia fail and the island state declares its independence. The People’s Action Party (PAP) has a strict regiment but helps the country to develop a stable economy. With positive tendencies. The government bans the chewing of gum and smoking in public. The drug trade is punishable by death and pornography is prohibited.

Booming Asia: Singapore between tradition and lifestyle

The discussion surrounding the opening of casinos and gambling resorts in Singapore has been going on for several years. Christian and Muslim groups are against legalisation, but the appeal of the gigantic revenue outweighs the concerns. After all, Singapore lives to a large extent from tourism and, with its airport. It is an important destination for numerous guests and internationally active employees. The Marina Bay Sands opened in 2010 and is a gigantic complex on 20 hectares. Meanwhile, there is the Resort World Sentosa, theme parks, and the world’s largest oceanarium. Tourists can immerse themselves in the varied gambling world or discover the other side of Singapore. The melting pot of traditions from India, China, Malaysia and other countries. Although despite strict rules many locals like gambling, but they have to pay significantly more than tourists.


Casino Singapore marina bay

Image of Marina Bay in Singapore

Since Singapore has allowed gambling, tourism revenue has skyrocketed. For Example, Singapore handles more than $ 5 billion in casino complexes, almost as much as Las Vegas with over 40 casinos. Gambling boosts the economy and creates jobs for more than 50,000 people. Many Asian countries in the region are impressed by the success of Macao and Singapore and plan to ease their own bans. As a result, the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, and also Malaysia want to enter the casino and entertainment complex business.

Tips for foreigners in Singapore

Singapore can be reached non-stop by plane from Many EU Countries, for example from London Heathrow. Those who do not necessarily want to stay overnight at Marina Bay Sands will find plenty of opportunities in Singapore. Prices start from 20 euros up in a double room. The is a charge of ten percent for service. And seven percent of the taxes on the room rate. Exciting attractions are the night zoo or the gigantic amusement park Sentosa, on the offshore island. Which can be reached via an elevated train or on foot.

The growing influence on Japan

Japan already has one of the largest gambling markets in the world. With legal lotteries, sports betting and pachinko slot machines. Nevertheless, the view of Singapore and the booming economy of tourism goes through the casino complexes. In Singapore, for example, half a percent of income goes to therapies and education for the sick. Also for people who are addicted to gambling. A blacklist is supposed to protect them from high money losses. Singapore’s gambling, family entertainment, and shopping complexes also are a role model for Japan’s ideas for the future. The planned date is 2020 at the Summer Olympics in Japan.

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