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The Paroli betting system is played with positive progression, where you double your own bet in case of winning and in case of loss starting from scratch.

Let’s face it, the main aim of gambling is to win. Sure, the whole thing is fun and a nice pastime. But it is only really entertaining knowing you have the incentive to makes profits. Therefore, every player thinks about it sooner or later how he can optimise his game for the best results. From these considerations emerged different systems. In this article, we are going to talk about the Paroli Betting System..

The word Paroli comes from the Latin term, par, which means “one that is equal.” The simplest form of the system can be thought of as doubling a bet after each win. Until when three consecutive wins are achieved. This tactical system has been used with some success since the 16th century. Then it was used widely when playing the Italian card game known as Basseta (Basset in English).  It was later introduced to France by Signior Justiniani, ambassador of Venice, in 1674.

It was also used in the later French card game ” Faro ” which descended from Basset.  Here, after each win, it was marked by bending the corner of a card that the player waived the payout and wished to reuse the prize. That is why one seldom hears the saying “Bend Someone Away” (instead of bidding). From this success of profit developed the Paroli betting system.

Paroli as a game system

  • Paroli betting system uses positive progression.
  • You double the bet in the win case and loss starts from scratch.
  • Paroli betting system is also known as reverse martingale, as it is the opposite of the martingale system.
  • Most often, the Paroli system is used in roulette, but it can also be used as a betting strategy in blackjack and playing slot machines.
  • Most players who play the Paroli system have a limit on how often they want to go down. Usually a double or triple paroli. This means that after a win, the player doubles their bet two or three times and then starts playing again on their original bet.
  • In order to use the Paroli system correctly, it is necessary to limit the number of progressions to 2 or 3 consistent gains.
  • Usually, the Paroli game is set to a simple chance. When roulette z. Red / Black, Even / Odd or 1-18 or 19-36.

How is the Paroli system played?

Before the Paroli system is used, it is important to inform the dealer. (In an online casino or real casino house) that you want to play paroli and how often.

Let’s go through a series of paroli in a game of roulette.  A player wants to play a double paroli on the simple chance of “black”. In roulette, 18 numbers mean a win and 18 numbers a loss. At zero, the bet is either blocked or the bet is lost – as will be dealt with here depends on the roulette variant or the specific rules in the casino.

The player now wants to put £5 on black. Say he wins, he puts bet and profit back on black. This means that the stake is doubled and the player now bets £10. If he wins again, he has won £10 and can now set £20 again (bet from the preliminary round plus profit). Then If the player remains in his decision to play a two-time stalemate, he would start after a win in the next round, the system with £5 all over again.

If the player lost after the second round, he would have lost only his original bet of 5 euros, the other bets came, so to speak, “from the bank”. Therefore one says also that one with the Paroli system “the bank Paroli offers”. Therefore losses are easier to cope with the Paroli system.

The mathematics behind the Paroli betting system

Mathematically behind the Paroli system are a profit progression and the question of how often the player wants to play a progression. The larger the number, the less likely the success will be, but in the case of success, the profit will be even greater.

If you like it risky, the z. For example, you can make a five-fold progression, but those who prefer to play it safe should have a double progression. In this case, although the profit is much smaller, a double progression is much more likely. With a five-fold progression, it is also more likely that you will suffer a loss in between.

Progression comparison 2 x/ 3 x/ 4 x/ 5 x – the probability

2 x18 / 37 x 18 / 37=  0.23623.6%
3 x18 / 37 x 18 / 37 x 18 / 37=  0.11511.5%
4 x18 / 37 x 18 / 37 x 18 / 37 x 18 / 37=  0.056  5.6%
5 x18 / 37 x 18 / 37 x 18 / 37 x 18 / 37 x 18 / 37=  0.027  2.7%

Appendix of the roulette game we want to take a closer look at the probabilities. In a simple chance, the odds of winning are 18/37. (So it’s not quite a 50 / 50 chance because roulette still has zero or even double zero). Now it’s easy to figure out what the chances are of getting a five-fold progression, so winning five times in a row.

Profits and probabilities with one to 5-fold progression with £1 use

progressionchanceprofit% to £ ratio
1 x48.6 %£ 20.972
2 x23.6 %£ 40.944
3 x11.5 %£ 80.92
4 x  5.6 %£ 160.896
5 x  2.7 %£ 320.864

Theoretically, there is a 2.7 % chance of winning five straight times in a single bet. Not a very high probability, but the profit in case of a successful progression would be particularly high. And he would be high enough to compensate for previous losses.

Application: 3 times paroli with 20 rounds (with £10 starting money)
roundcommitmentProfit lossBank balance
1£ 1losses£ 9
2£ 1losses£ 8
3£ 1profits£ 9
4£ 2profits£ 11
5£ 4profits£ 15
6£ 1profits£ 16
7£ 2losses£ 14
8£ 1losses£ 13
9£ 1profits£ 14
10£ 2profits£ 16
11£ 4losses£ 12
12£ 1losses£ 11
13£ 1losses£ 10
14£ 1losses£ 9
15£ 1losses£ 8
16£ 1losses£ 7
17£ 1profits£ 8
18£ 2profits£ 10
19£ 4profits£ 14
20£ 1profits£ 15


The Paroli system for blackjack and slot machines

While the Paroli system is most commonly played at roulette, blackjack  (both  17 and 4,  as well as various blackjack variants ) and slot machines can take advantage of this strategy.

If you want to use the Paroli betting system in Blackjack, it works the same way as in Roulette. You set a winning limit (the maximum number of progressions you want to play). Then double the bet after each hand you win. It’s that easy.

And that’s how easy the Paroli system can be applied to online blackjack. Set limits, bet, double the bet after every win, start over at the end of the progression or in case of loss. Another interesting casino system is the  1/3/2/6 betting system.


The Paroli system is a capital-saving system and ideally suited for beginners. With a small bet at the beginning of the game, this system can make a nice profit. The risk remains low because the use is relatively small. But secure winnings are not guaranteed in this betting strategy either.

In the long run, the Paroli betting system does not work, but it makes sense to join it. Because in the game of Paroli, players usually expect a lot of small losses, but they face only a few big wins. But it is much easier to control than other systems and therefore perfect for beginners.


  • no big losses
  • very capital-friendly
  • low risk
  • easy to apply


  • in the long run, not very effective
  • the slow increase in profits

Like with all betting systems there is always an element of precaution to be taken. Systems can be used wisely but do not always work. There are many other betting systems that we have looked into so please read the other articles and make an informed decision.

Never pay money for blackjack systems

Another tip at the end. For those who can not earn money with blackjack themselves, they often try to sell systems. And I do not mean books about blackjack by renowned authors who cost a few euros. No, I mean alleged blackjack systems that promise the highest profits without much effort.

This will not work. If you are unlucky, you not only pay a lot of money to buy this system. But you can also lose a lot of money in the casino. While you are trying out and testing the supposedly captive blackjack system in the casino and find that it is not so captive.

So if someone wants to sell you an idiot-proof blackjack system for a lot of money. Please walk away from it. All important information on how to make money with blackjack can be found here on

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