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Every day there is an increasing amount of people that are seeing the attraction of Casinos. The offer an incomparable service, and while having fun you can win money. Statistics show that the most popular game in online casinos is blackjack. This game has seen a massive boom with the increase of online companies that provide the service for us to play!   Some people that are worried about security while playing online blackjack, can rest assured with the latest technology in use, that they are in a very safe environment. Therefore with this knowledge, you can play the latest games while at home.



The leaders in supplying online casino gaming platforms. They have created over 850 unique casino games with many different versions, from land-based to Live dealer.

Microgaming always have a fresh portfolio they release new games monthly. Head office is based in the Isle of Man, and are pioneers they still lay claim that in 1994 they released the first genuine online casino. They are one of the leading online casino software developers. And are suppliers to the likes of such as the Carmen Media Group, Fortune Lounge Group, 32Red, and the Palace Group  

Microgaming while giving you all the variants of the blackjack game, they also construct the best possible experience you could expect to have. It maybe is possible that you have seen all these versions of the game while traveling around the world, but Microgaming makes this possible all in one place.

They also offer a game platform in real time which is very groundbreaking and user-focused. Another game on offer is one of their bespoke variant of the blackjack game. This goes by the name of “Microgaming Gold Series Blackjack” these games are very enjoyable to play as they are created by some of the best in the industry. If you like a game of blackjack you must give it a go!

Microgaming customised blackjack casino

It does not matter which version of blackjack is your favorite, The guy’s at Microgaming offer it all with variants from 2 deck games to 8 deck games. Microgaming is the only organisation that offers their own customized branded blackjack. To list them all would take far to long, but there are some games that still outshine the others, for example, The Gold Series Blackjack, it has a really rapid play of the game, animations and outstanding enhanced graphics. In this series, there is a choice of variants with the most popular “Vegas Single Deck Gold Series”.  

There are even more to select from the Gold Series like Classic Blackjack Gold, European Blackjack Gold and one that really stands out is the European Blackjack Redeal Gold.  As the name suggests you can up to a limit of five times redeal. Using Fewer decks to lower the house edge is the best way to play, although only a limited number of variants and side bets are offered.


Pioneers in Gaming online NetEnt have been entertaining the world for over 20 years. Head office in Stockholm They are one of the oldest in the industry. They have done so much in the last twenty years, that each year has been a milestone for the company. Although some years more important than others, but this shows that they are one of the top leaders in the online Casino industry.

NetEnt has blackjack games with many different versions and types of the basic blackjack game which is unique to NetEnt, it has unique features that give you the chance of winning in many different ways.  We will show you a few examples below:

Blackjack Pro: you can have a double jack bet allowing you to possibly win a 100x the original placed bet.

Single Deck Blackjack:  This game can be played with different versions, and played with only one deck of cards, it has a smaller payout for blackjack hands.

Double Exposure Blackjack: This game offers 2 dealer cards faces to be shown. This will make your choices easier, it gives a more even payout on bets as the dealer wins unless the player gets blackjack.

Basic Blackjack:  You use 6 Decks and a choice of up to 3 hands.

You can have a great time playing these NetEnt Games as they all come with so many different versions. With NetEnt Black Jack Pro and other game they provide you have the chance to win large amounts. I imagine they want their customers to be happy and return to play again.


Playtech is the world’s biggest Software supplier in the gaming and sports betting industry. They started way back in 1999 from people in the software engineering and multimedia industries. The company now boast to be the strongest player in the field of gaming solutions.


The company has had over 15 years of growth and development,  They can be proud what they have achieved. The first land-based casino that went online used a Playtech platform.  This helped the company grow and grow as many others looked and tried to copy. They have a massive list of achievements. Live Dealer Casino, Worldwide Bingo Network, Live TV Product and Sports betting platform, Poker network etc

They have very skilled staff in offices around the world creating top class products and services.

Playtech Blackjack

Playtech philosophy is to provide quality services and limit the number of games,  Quality not quantity! instead of offering a large number of games with average services. Their games offer very realistic versions of blackjack. The standard of the games are very high and the number of games is limited. They can offer live dealer options which makes a very interesting an engaging game. This is as close to the real land based casino you can achieve online.  Here are a few of the very best  online blackjack platforms Playtech has to offer:

Blackjack Surrender

Blackjack Surrender is a blackjack version that is pretty much the same as the classic game but there are minor differences that are worth a  mention.

As per the traditional game,  blackjack surrender is played with six decks. The rules for splitting and doubling down are identical with those mentioned a few lines above. The player can surrender once the dealer checks if they have blackjack. It is important to note that a split ace with 10 point cards will not be considered blackjack.

One of dealer’s card is face up, while the other is turned face down. The dealer stands on all 17’s. An Insurance bet is available and it pays 2:1.

Multi-hand and Single-hand Blackjack Surrender

If you opt for the multi-hand blackjack surrender, your maximum bet should not exceed £300 per hand. The player can use the surrender option before you act on the first two cards you are dealt.

Surrendering is a great alternative that helps you keep half of your wager and even if the dealer defeats you, you can continue

Mr Green review
Mr Green review

Mr Green Casino is characterised by many special features that are primarily suitable to leave a lasting impression on the customer. review review

This Online casino offers excellent choice of games including Blackjack, with a decent sign up bonus!

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