European Blackjack

European blackjack gameThere are many different online blackjack variants that are offered to you on online. One of the most well-known versions beside the American Blackjack the European Blackjack. The European variant differs only slightly from conventional online blackjack. Here we explain how European Blackjack is played.

What are the rules of European Blackjack?

European blackjack works the same way as traditional online blackjack, but with a few minor differences. Basically, you also have to get as close as possible or exactly to 21 points with your hand in order to win. They play against the dealer or the computer. European Blackjack is suitable for beginners as well as for professionals. The rules are easy to learn and there are some good blackjack strategies that increase your chances of winning.

European Blackjack is played with two card games. And the game starts with the dealer dealing two open cards and giving himself an open card. He does not receive the second card yet. If the dealer deals an ace, then you will be offered insurance. You can ensure half of your bet if you lose. Because if the dealer draws a natural blackjack after the ace, half of the bet will be returned to you.

As the game progresses, you can double down if you have a 9.10 or 11. In addition, you can split all pairs, except two different, valued 10s cards. If you split, you can no longer double afterward.

If the dealer has reached 17 points, then he must announce booth. Now he is dealt another card that is visible throughout the turn. If its total value exceeds 21 points, you automatically win the game.

What Winning Odds and payouts does European BlackJack have?

One of the most profitable and lucrative casino games is online blackjack in all its variants and versions. In European blackjack, the house edge is 0.39 percent. This means you have enormous chances of winning. Depending on the software, the payout rate varies, but it is definitely over 97%! If you are lucky, you can win a lot of money in no time. Depending on which strategy you apply, you have the opportunity to work towards the big win. You have the highest chances to lie correctly when holding.

Are there any European blackjack strategies?

Blackjack is, as many believe, not pure gambling.

There are European blackjack strategies that you can apply and increase your chances of winning. Everything is included from card counting to mathematical formulas. We tell you which strategies really help.

Crucial to this game are the moves that make. Basically, with European Blackjack, you have the option of holding, buying, doubling or sharing. But not always one of these features is an advantage. It is important that a certain combination of cards already exists. You need to look closely at the value of your total and the value of the dealer’s card. Then you can make a decision.

Online blackjack tables will help you. These show you the appropriate strategy, for example, if you have a sum of 16 and the dealer has revealed the number 6. Incidentally, all possible combinations and the recommended strategy are on the table. You can find the European Blackjack table directly on the side of the casino that offers the game or even in casino forums. Keep in mind that the blackjack tables are based on mathematical calculations but can not provide 100% profitability.

Unfortunately, sometimes you are unlucky, and so you’d better give up if one of the following scenarios arises:

  1. They have a total score of 12 to 17 and the dealer has an ace.
  2. You have 5 to 7 points and the dealer has an ace
  3. You have 16 points and the dealer a 10

Where can you play European BlackJack?

Many online casinos offer European Blackjack. The best software for playing European Blackjack is Microgaming or Net Entertainment.

Therefore, we recommend that you choose a casino for the European Blackjack game that offers the software. Popular blackjack casinos include the mybet casino, the Mr. Green Casino, the casino club, the Eurogrand Casino, the 888 Casino and the Winner Casino.

All these casinos have a rewarding bonus program and other great online blackjack variants. Banking wise you can also pay in and out with many different payment methods. You will be offered credit card payment, bank transfer, payment via an e-wallet such as Paypal or Neteller and prepaid payments. And you do not have to worry about safety either. These casinos guarantee a fair game are licensed.

Play European Blackjack for free

If you want to play European Blackjack for free, you can look forward to it. Because the online casinos we recommend offer European Blackjack in a fun version and in the real money version. There you can play the online blackjack variant around the clock for free. At some casinos, like the casino club or the 888 casino , you do not even have to sign up.

Beginners benefit from the demo version especially. Because when you play with play money, you can first get acquainted with the functions and try out the blackjack strategies without losing money. You’ll quickly become familiar with the game and then you should also take advantage of the casino’s many bonus offers and free spin promotions. If you play European blackjack in real money mode, you have extra money to play . This naturally increases your chances of winning.