The Casino Dealer-Skills of the Croupier

“Croupier” is another name for “dealer”, the latter is more widely used in the UK!.

As a holder of the bank, the Casino dealer/croupier is the point of contact of the guests of the house and his table. He gives the guests their playing cards and supports them during the game. Furthermore, they control the guests with the help of the security staff. Whereby the card counting, for example, the blackjack, is looked at. He then hands over the chips to the guests, who can then exchange them for money at the cash desk

Features that a casino dealer should bring

In addition to his authority, the dealer needs a very keen sense of restraint. And how to deal with people who want to offer and increase their money in the casino. He is also the agent of his employer. For this purpose, an appearance adapted to the working environment is very important. He must be dressed in such a way that the players find him sympathetic. He combines his seriousness with that of the entire casino. In doing so, he must always uphold etiquette and build a positive relationship with the players. Even if they may only consider him an inferior servant of the casino.

Challenge of the scope of a casino dealer

In addition to a very good numerical understanding, the dealer requires an outstanding memory to include a photographic one. These skills must be followed by a very good composure. Thus, should the dealer notice irregularities, such as card counting, he may not disclose this to guests through his behavior or gestures. Skills such as serenity, courtesy, and security, which only a self-contained character can reflect. These skills are complemented by the playful elegance of the worldly educated entertainer.

Any player can lose his composure if he has suffered high losses. This loss over the control of the personal feelings must be intercepted adequately by the dealer with the psychological intuition. It may not injure the guest in his dignity nor in his position as a player. That requires high concentration. He has to assign the bets to the players quickly and in the desired professional manner. But he has the professional knowledge that he has previously been taught. In addition to elegance and responsiveness, one of the main activities of the dealer is the handling of playing cards.

The modernisation of casinos

The dealers can adapt their technique amazingly. At the same time, the preparation and structure of the games are changing. The chips are now sorted differently. The mixing machines for the card games are also undergoing change. So the digital game recording progresses steadily. These displays were, unimaginable decades ago, and are changing the everyday life of the casino and the dealer. 

Dealer/croupier  training

If you want to be a casino dealer you have to be prepared to handle large sums of money. It starts with College a course in NVQ Gaming Operations is available in the UK. Also an apprenticeship and an exam. This is followed by the bet in the casino. Here, good grades in the subjects of Maths and English are very important. The games are roulette, blackjack, poker, and baccarat. Now the budding dealer must be able to make both the game and the game table pleasant for the guests. The chips at roulette must be aligned as well as the tableau – a term from the French language – properly. Then the dealer mixes the cards. In any case, To get employed in a UK casino the dealer needs to have a flawless certificate of good conduct and must be at least 18 years old. 

If you intend to work in the United Kingdom you will also need a license from the Gambling Commission. You would need to check the details of other licenses you may need if residing elsewhere.

What does a casino dealer earn

The wages for a casino dealer in the UK, are much better than in most other countries. Due to the national minimum wage. Here, the dealer works in a casino that is subordinate to the respective state. And is controlled and controlled by its Ministry of Finance and interior minister. One could say that casino dealers are state employees in UK casinos. In addition, the dealers are socially insured as employees of the employer. Wages are then increased via tips from players and can be huge location’s like London for example.

There are generally lower wages and worse social security In the US. Blackjack casino dealers, like many other services or casino employees, get very low wages.  although like the UK they can possibly live off their tips.

All these points made are equally if either a dealer at a land-based casino or an online live dealer casino!


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