Blackjack winning odds and probabilities

This article will cover Blackjack probabilities with a focus on your percentage chance of going bust if you hit your hand. It will also look at a player’s Blackjack winning odds and how playing perfect strategy can affect the house edge.

At the end of the article, we will show you where you can play Blackjack online and reduce the house edge even further. We’ve found some great Blackjack casino bonuses so make sure you check them out!


Blackjack probabilities if you intend to hit

Below is a useful list of Blackjack probabilities if you intend to hit your hand. Take for example you can see that if you hold a 16 in your hand and intend to hit then you have a 62% chance of going bust. Obviously, if you hit 21 you’d be mad but we listed that in there also as 11 which is impossible to bust.

11 – 0%

12 – 31%

13 – 39%

14 – 56%

15 – 58%

16 – 62%

17 – 69%

18 – 77%

19 – 85%

20 – 92%

21 – 100%

It’s also very interesting to note that you are an odds-on favorite to hit thirteen and not go bust but the moment you begin hitting 14 you are a favorite to bust your hand.

Blackjack Winning Odds

In the most part, you’ll find that most games of Blackjack you play in the Casino have a house edge between 6% and 8%. This is making the assumption the player is not playing perfect strategy or counting cards which do have the potential to allow the player to gain an edge over the house.

If employing the perfect strategy you can lower the house edge down to less than 1%. The majority of players cannot be bothered to learn perfect Blackjack strategy, but the best thing about playing Blackjack online is that you can sit and look at your Blackjack strategy table and make the best-informed choices every single time you play!

If you want a guide to playing perfect Blackjack strategy click this Blackjack strategy table link. There is no time limit on making your decisions playing online, therefore you’ll be able to use it while you play and after a while, it will become second nature.

Improving  your chances of victory at online Blackjack

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