Perfect blackjack strategy

The perfect blackjack strategy and learning Blackjack go hand in hand. There are lots of people who can play Blackjack. But there are also many that have no idea that not knowing the perfect strategy makes them lose a big edge. If you Actually bother to take some time and learn the perfect blackjack strategy, you can then lower the house edge from a whopping 8% right down to a tiny 0.05%.

In this section, you can find out how to, and where you can play online Blackjack to get the best on bonuses and cash in!

The Basic Strategy

If you want to achieve success as blackjack player the basic system is the by far the most important system you should learn..This system has been perfected over many years of hard work of researching and using computer simulations. This system arms every player with the best way of playing blackjack and the basis is on the total of player’s total V the Up-card of the dealer’s. It is all done mathematically and over time leads to the best choices.

The basics of the basic strategy are how to make the right decisions to what cards the dealers are showing and what the cards we have.

We have already learned that 16 is when the dealer will always draw and that 17  is when the dealer stands. Therefore if we follow the same strategy its nearly always a safe bet. This is what to do in the basic strategy, although the dealer is more likely to go bust or stand if they have a 6 or less So in this situation we do not need to bother to reach 17 or higher. This is the best way to make decisions in this way it benefits the player nearly all of the time.

Three things you should learn in order to memorise the basic strategy

  • Social play and the 7 rules
  • Doubling down and when to do so
  • Spiting pairs- and when to

Social play the seven rules using the simple strategy

We will now discuss the 7 easy rules to learning the simple strategy. These rules can be applied to around 90% of the time, so this forms the bulk of the basic strategy. There are rules for splitting pairs and doubling down to be added but to the whole scenario which will add to the player’s advantage, but this is the main part. If you learn these rules thoroughly, it will give you the edge and help you play the game with fluidity.

The seven simple strategy rules to help you win more

The seven simple strategy rules to help you win more
Player actions VersesUp card of dealer
Stands on 13 V 2 or 3
Stands on 12 V 4,5 or 6
Stands on 17 V 7 or more
Doubles Down on 11 V 10 or less
Doubles Down on 10 V Delaers 9 or less
Split 8,8's every time
Split A,A's every time
  • Player actions Verse the Up card of the dealer
  • Stands on 13 V 2 or 3
  • Stands on 12 V 4, 5 or 6
  • Stands on 17 V 7 or more
  • Doubles Down on 11 V Dealer’s 10 or less
  • Doubles Down on 10 V Dealer’s 9 or less
  • Split 8,8’s every time
  • Split A, A’s every time

When the dealer has an up-card of 7 or lower

When the dealers up-card is 7 or less, his chances of busting increase quite a lot, therefore the player can relax knowing that the dealer is most probably going to go bust. Although you must remember that if the up-card is a 2 or 3  that you stand on 13 and not 12.

If the dealer’s card is a 2 or a 3 you stand on 13. If the dealer’s card is a 4-6 you stand on 12.

Doubling down

If a and when a player doubles their bet on their first two cards and gets on one card in return this is called doubling down. Take for example, when first 2 cards are a 3 and an 8, he will have 11 in total, and if they hit which they will. They will have by far an increased chance of achieving 21 than another figure. They will have a better chance than 50/50 of getting a total of higher than 17.  If they double their bet they will most likely double their winnings. One thing that should be remembered is for example if the card is either a 5 or 6, they can not hit once again. There is only one extra card when you double down.  

We can use other strategies that are basic in blackjack but will look at these later.

Splitting cards, always 8’s and aces

Trust me it is very logical to split aces and to most people, it makes sense, because when splitting an ace you only get one card for every ace and you can not hit again, you will not make blackjack if you get a “10” it will only make the normal 1-1 and not 1.5-1.  only the players first two cards count as a blackjack. This is why it is named a “natural” card as you do not get it for any extras.

We will now talk about the 8’s. Every player needs to avoid 16, so you always split on an 8 if you get two 8’s it will make 16 so the best thing to do is to split every time you get an 8. This will help you have a better chance of achieving a 17 or higher.  Also even if the dealer has 6 or less and 16 looking safe to stand on. By splitting the pairs will enable you to double your winnings. Higher odds are in favor our of splitting as the dealer chance of going bust are more than double.

Learn how to master the basic strategy

You can not just stroll in a casino house and have a go at using the basic strategy. You need to patient learn and practice. It needs to come naturally if you look at the examples below and deal the cards out in the same way.

When going through the deck of cards, use all the choices, hit, stand, split or double down. You can play the dealers game on 16 or either 17 you should stand

You should also practice and deal the cards like this. It will help you to go through cards much faster and you can always mix decks of 2 or more.

Blackjack and the perfect strategy

These simple rules need to be perfected, once you have done this you have mastered the ingredients of the basic strategy.  Although to perfect the perfect strategy you need to refine another 2 areas of the game. The 2 more points are the rules for splitting pairs and doubling down. This does not make any difference to what you have been taught already, but they extend and build them further.

Doubling Down and the rules

Doubling Down On Verses the Up-card of dealer

11 V  2-10

10 V 2-9

9 V 3-6

A6-A7 V  3-6

A4-A5 V 4-6

A2-A3 V 5-6

Splitting Pairs and the rules

Splitting Verses the Up-card of dealer

A, A V Any Card

9,9 V  2-9 but not 7

8,8 V Any Card

7,7 V 2-7

6,6 V 2-6

4,4 V 5-6

 3,3 V 2-7

2,2 V 2-7

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