Online Blackjack Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Blackjack offers the highest odds to players while maintaining low-profit margins of casinos. Whether you decide to double or split (or both!) It is worth entering the Fun and online action, that is in blackjack casinos. Let the games begin!

Can you play online blackjack betting real money?

Yes players from the UK are welcome at many sites around the world. And if you come and visit us regularly you will see that we will recommend the best sites. Our decades of experience in the evaluation of online blackjack casinos is unmatched.

What are the odds?

The odds at online blackjack may vary exactly like those of the live casino. The factors depend on the players’ ability to make split, double down, opt for the re-split, surrender or if the dealer is with 17 soft etc.

Should you use a strategy?

It would be advisable if you want to maximise your winning potential. Knowing when to stand, split, double down and ask card is critical to success because that is where is the trick to lower margins of the gambling house.

How many decks of cards are used in online blackjack?

It depends on the site and the specific games. Typically, the deck is shuffled every hand, though it can have six packs together mixed with each hand. Software programs exist that indicate a shuffling every 4 hands or so instead of each hand. If the site does not specify this.  You can check in the forums with the other players. In these circumstances, the other players can become a valuable source of information!

Can you play on a mobile device?

Certainly. The most prominent blackjack sites provide app and no download options.

And what about security?

The only way to be safe in the world of online blackjack casino offers is to have a knowledgeable friend. That friend is we distinguish the good sites from bad ones, giving our users the latest information and most valuable knowledge to improve your chances of winning.

The online game can be rigged?

Not the sites that we recommend. We have spent many years to become experts in every aspect of what makes a quality site, particularly as regards to the impartiality. The aspects that deepen license, opening the use of RNG (Random Number Generator), the independent assessment of the software by organizations such as Net Ent and eCOGRA, and the opinions of online players.

Can you practice for free?

Certainly. The prominent sites invite their users to experiment with new strategies for free, just to get away from “the battlefield with real money” when they feel the need. Typically switch from one mode to another is not difficult at all. Some online casino even offers a no deposit bonus. Where you can play with real money without any risk of losing your own. Although you have the chance to win money back.

How do you pay online?

There are various different payment methods to either transfer money or pay with by safely by debit or credit card. These are tried and tested methods that are used across the world for many years.  And have proven track record.

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