Double down in blackjack is considered to be the “money move”. With this technique, you can double your money with a flick of your wrist. Casino Staff call it “reaching deep” but for us mere mortals we know it as “double down blackjack”.

If you play blackjack and are still learning the different blackjack strategies, you need to master the game. You then you should really pay attention to this article. Because we will teach you what a double down blackjack version is. What it means, how you recognise it and how you make the most of it. Get your deck of cards out and get ready to dive into one of the most important blackjack strategies.  In this game called double down blackjack. The following article will show you when you should double in a blackjack game with a double down strategy.


Double down blackjack when and when not to!

From the above description, it should be clear that the casino player should only double if he only has to draw one card for his/her hand. In order to increase the strength of that hand significantly. This situation occurs with a starting hand of 10 or 11, where another card could increase the value to 20 or 21. Therefore, whenever you get a starting hand of 10 or 11, you should always double. Unless the blackjack dealer shows a 10 or an ace with his face up card, even though you should double the 10 against an 11. As mentioned in the article on the division, you should treat a few 5s as you would any other hand with 10 as a total. In addition, if you have a starting hand of 9, you should double when the blackjack dealer’s face value is between 3 and 6.


While these situations may be obvious, there are also other moments when you should use the double down strategy at the blackjack table to double your bet. These occur when the player has a soft hand. And the blackjack dealer has a relatively weak hand (a face-up card between 3 and 6). With a soft 17 or 18, you should always double. Although it may seem counter-intuitive to break a hand of 17 or 18 that you should normally hold. An ace confidently allows you to take a hit because you cannot bust. Combine this with a friendly hand for the blackjack dealer and your expected doubling value is higher than any other decision.


Now, considering the above information. The player now understands why it is so profitable to follow the following hands in Double Down Blackjack. On a soft 13 or 14, you should only double when the dealer has a 5 or more 6 shows. Because the two cards are usually always a bust. On a soft 15 or 16, you should draw a 4 for your hand, which you can double.

Please note that these rules are applicable to blackjack games in which the dealer must keep a soft 17. (Recommended blackjack games that you should play to lower the house edge). If the blackjack dealer can take a hit on a soft 17. You will need to raise your doubling range slightly on a soft 18 or 19. And double on any hand that starts with an 11. Since Double Down In Blackjack is a great blackjack strategy that can help you make big profits in a blackjack game. Nevertheless, you should know exactly when this can be used.


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