Cheating at blackjack

Cheating when playing blackjack

Although blackjack offers some of the best gambling odds in the Casino.  There are still gamblers who find the need to try and cheat in their attempt to win. There has been many variations and methods of cheating at blackjack throughout the years.

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Methods of cheating in the early years

When the game Vingt et Un ( from the French word 21) evolved into what today is called blackjack. The game was played in the saloons of California and Arizona. The cheating method most used was to conceal to score the deck or conceal an ace.  Using an object or by using a nail to make an indent in the card. This meant it could easily be identified when it was re dealt, this was called Scoring the deck. Let’s not forget the early games of blackjack were played with a single deck. If Marking of the card was like an ace or card with the value of ten, the player could recognise it when the dealer held the cards.

It was more common to conceal tens or aces in poker than it was in blackjack, Although it did happen a number of times. When it did happen a player would just swap the hidden card for the one he had in his hand to make 21 and win.

If you got caught cheating at blackjack, it could result in death as the situation rarely got settled in court. One time it got resolved right there with the cheating player being shot dead.  This could happen if you were innocent as well as guilty as if you were suspected of it there were no questions asked!

Modern cheating in Blackjack

Once gambling was finally Legalised in Arizona, it brought on a new generation of gamblers, who loved to come up with new ideas on how to cheat.  Where ever there is gambling there are cheats so Las Vegas was abundant with them.

There were many different techniques used to try and cheat at playing blackjack, possibly the most common one was past-posting in which the scammer will sneakingly add casino chips to their own original stash everything they had a winning hand.

I will now give you a description of how it works, but please remember this is just for information so do not try this for yourself!   The punter places a bet for say £10 in chips before dealer deals the cards. The punter waits for the dealer to deal the cards once the punter knows the outcome if he has won.  If the dealer is not paying attention, the player can add more chips to his bet without being noticed. Therefore increasing the original bet and in turn winning a bigger return.  I wouldn’t advise any form of cheating at blackjack. DO NOT try this as you will most probably get caught and the casino will not take things likely and most probably take legal action against you.

Famous cheats

Although it sounds impossible and most probably is in this day with all the modern day technology like CCTV recording equipment,  a Few individuals became famous for it names like Dustin Marks, Jerry Palmer and Joe Classon all managed gangs of past-posters who conned many of the casinos out of millions. AL Francesco was another name who was into this in a big way but even as famous as he was nothing compared to the Sherri Schoons, being one of the prolific in the business. She was second to none. Even the most aware dealers and casino bosses could see her cheating.  Over the years she possibly made millions or at least hundreds of thousands of dollars using this tactic.

Cheating at blackjack online

Cheating at blackjack when playing online is a totally different scenario. Obviously, there is no face to face representation and bets are played using the betting platform. And registered debit/credit cards etc. So things like past posting are impossible.

Sophisticated software can be used to read the online dealers card. It has been carried out successfully but is more commonly used in online poker as opposed to online blackjack. The most famous example was a website that got closed down due to the cheats (ultimate bet).

In the early stages of online casinos, it was commonplace for the customers to make accusations that the casinos of doing the cheating. Comparing it to Slot machine playing and the fact that whether you won or not was predetermined before you played.

That is all in the past now and totally different these days.  Modern online casinos are scrutinised and regulated by different gaming bodies.  At  you can rest assured you are safe, so play with confidence with one of our recommended casinos.

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