American Blackjack

American blackjack is often offered in online casinos and land-based casino houses.American Blackjack

The blackjack game is one of the oldest and most widely used card games in casinos around the world. It is often common for American Black Jack to be offered as a game choice. The same rules are roughly used according to the usual rules for blackjack, but also has small peculiarities.

Card Decks and Values:

A card deck consists of 52 cards in American blackjack. In the case of cards with a number, ie all cards from 2 to 10, their value corresponds to their imprint. The picture cards – Jack, Queen, and King – always count 10. A special feature is an ace, which can stand for 1 or 11 depending on the situation. If a player already has a high value due to the cards in his hand. The ace is usually counted as 1 so as not to over bake. However, if the hand is low value because, for example, there are no face cards. The player will count the ace rather than 11 until he eventually gets a face card.

In most casinos, American blackjack is played with changing card decks. This is to make it more difficult for gamblers and “card counters” to manipulate or analyze the game. Many casinos use between 3 and 7 different decks per evening, which have to be changed after a fixed time.

Game rules:

American blackjack is played at a table with up to six players and a card dealer. The players must make a starting bet and then each gets two cards before the dealer himself gives two cards.

After handing out the cards, all players virtually play alone against the card dealer, who is also called “the bank”. The goal is to get a blackjack, ie a hand with 21 points. Or to get as close to a blackjack as possible. The players have three options. If they consider their hand to be too bad, then they can “lazy” the hand, so throw it away and get out of the round.  Then If you want to increase the value of your hand, players can buy new cards. If they have reached 21 points or are below them with their cards, they can signal a “Hold”. Then they stay in the round but get no new cards. A player automatically leaves the game when he passes 21 with the cards of his hand, which is called “busting” or “over-buying”.

If all players still in the round leave their cards “hold”, the dealer must play his cards and also try to reach a blackjack. Also If the dealer reaches 21 points, all players automatically lose, even if they have 21 points themselves. If the dealer remains under 21, the player who has achieved the highest score with his hand this round has won. For example, if the bank only reaches 18 points, but a player scored 19 points, the player wins. If a dealer overbears, all players that are left in a round automatically win and receive their bet back.

Special features of the American Blackjack:

In American blackjack, there are various systems that players can use to improve or rescue their mission. A special feature is the so-called “splitting”. This is in which a hand is shared to continue playing with two hands. Splitting is only allowed if you get two identical cards on your starting hand, for example, two 7s, two 10s and so on. Each hand must then be paid and played with the same bets.

Another peculiarity that comes from the American blackjack is the insurance. An insurance against a blackjack of the card dealer. The insurance can complete a player if the Croupier/dealer has an ace on his starting hand. If the croupier/dealer gets a blackjack with his second card, players with an insurance lose only part of their bet.

In addition, there are different forms of the winning hand in American blackjack, which are also paid out differently. The best hand consists of three 7s in which a player gets the profit in the ratio 3: 2 paid. The next best hand consists of an ace and a picture card. The “bad” blackjack consists of more than two cards, for example, a 7, a 10 and a 4. This can also win a player, but in direct comparison with a better blackjack would receive a lower profit.

Differences to other variants:

Although the basic rules in blackjack are the same, there are a few minor differences between American blackjack and other international variations of this game. One difference is the starting hand. All players will get their cards dealt face up in American blackjack. This means that the other players at the table can see the cards and better understand their chances of getting a blackjack. An exception here is the so-called “hole card”, the second card of the card dealer. This is played face down in American blackjack and revealed only when all players have either defaulted, busted or on hold and the dealer’s turn.

Another difference with American blackjack is that players are allowed to split their initial hand multiple times. For example, if a player gets two 6’s at the beginning and splits that hand. And then gets one (or two) 6’s, he may split again to increase his chances of winning.

The last big difference in American blackjack or casino rules is the “hard” or “soft” 17. This rule applies only to card dealers and means that dealers must hold their hands as soon as they reach 17 or more points to have. In simple terms. This means that a dealer, as long as he has at most 16 points, can still buy tickets. However, if the value of his hand reaches or exceeds 17 points, he must not draw a card. A “hard” is a dealer’s hand that doesn’t have an ace, while a “soft” hand contains at least one ace. In addition, a dealer must always consider an ace as eleven, unless it over bills him. Due to the 17er-regulation, however, it is rarer than in other blackjack variants that a dealer is being busted.

American Blackjack Versus European Blackjack

American blackjack is also widely compared to European blackjack. You can read about it and make your decision.