Progressive Blackjack


The progressive blackjack system is actually more of a summary of different blackjack systems. All these systems have in common that the bet is increased. However, they differ mainly in which situations the use is increased. Card counting, for example, increases the stakes if you have the advantage on your side, in other blackjack systems, you can also increase the bet because a pretty blonde has sat down next to you at the table. The reasons are initially irrelevant.

Loss progression in blackjack

The loss progressive blackjack or martingale system a very dangerous. Although it has to be said that it is less dangerous in blackjack than in roulette. Because the table limits are simply lower in most casinos. At the same time, this is the profit system that everyone has considered before.

The martingale works quite simply. Because whenever you lose, you raise the stake in the next round. That means you start, for example, with £5. You lose so you put in the next round £10. If you lose again, you bet £20 in the next round. If you win now you get £20 and you can look forward to the losses from the preliminary round for a profit of £5.

With this system, it may well be that you make small profits over a longer period of time. However, the problem is that once you reach the table limit and cannot continue to increase, you may lose far more than you won before.

Profit progression in blackjack

A better system is profit progression. There are even some online blackjack versions that have made this feature their main focus. The advantage is that you always play only with profits. So, if you make a big bet then it’s because you won the money before that and not because you’ve lost nearly as much money as Martingale before.

The profit progression also works quite easy. You start with a bet. If you win, then you leave him and you play for double the sum. If you win again, you can leave your prize and play for four times the prize. So you can quickly win a lot of money. And even if, for example, you have the table limit in front of you and lose, then it does not feel as bad as if you had to pay this money directly out of your own pocket.

Adjusted progressions in blackjack

Of course, the profit or loss advances listed above do not necessarily have to be played in exactly the form described here. Of course, you can also adjust it. And many players do that too. Adjustment means, for example, to stretch and increase the stake until you are behind after several laps. Or adjusting means that you do not double the bet every time you play blackjack, but sometimes you lose less and, for example, take your first bet or a small win before the game goes on. There are many possibilities here, you just have to be creative enough – of course only under the circumstances that you want to play blackjack with a progression.

In general, when it comes to progressions and blackjack, gain progression is much preferable to loss progression. The reason is quite simple because firstly you have a psychological advantage in the profit progression and secondly it is undisputed that there are luck and bad luck strands. With a profit progression, you can benefit from it even if you have just a lucky streak.