Online gambling dominates the UK market

25 November 2016


UK Gambling Commission (GC) has just released figures showing that online gambling as the largest share in the UK market.

 Figures show that from April 2015 and March 2016 online gambling to account for 33% of all the gambling revenue in the UK, with a yield (gross) of £4.5 billion for the year.

 Overall the gross gambling yield that was generated in the 12 months was £13.6 billion, retail side accounted for £3.3 billion and bricks and mortar sites brought a total of £1 billion.

 The Gambling Commission also said that there has been a 1.8% decline in the number of betting shops on the year before.

There has been an even larger decline in the number of bingo halls from March 2016- September 2016 falling 4.3% in the 6 months.

The Gambling commission director said “these latest figures in the growth in online gambling show that the industry is constantly being more imaginative and using technology to capture and engage consumers”

The online sector is growing and growing and the operators will need to show they are pursuing the necessary steps to make sure that online gambling is secure for all who use online gambling.

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