Ben Affleck banned from playing blackjack at a casino

April 2016

The star has had a ban imposed on him to stop him playing at the blackjack tables of a casino in Vegas after being caught counting cards. Ben 41 was playing a high-roller table of the Hard Rock Casino. Counting cards are not illegal, but it can be a reason for exclusion.

Ben Affleck shows a card to blackjack Ben is still welcome in the hotel and was banned from Solta blackjack tables. He was told that it was too good to play the game. According to some sources, the actor had won $ 800,000 in 2001 at the Hard Rock,  playing three hands of blackjack from $ 20,000 at the same time He was not always so lucky as he has also lost $ 400,000 with the entertainment industry executive Ron Meyer during a private game.

Counting Cards

The actor has made use of perfect base – a specific term in the field to card counting but also takes the insurance based on the count. They use blacks allowances from $100 to keep track during the game. Even some professional players are suspected to mark the cards, such as the famous high roller Archie Karas who was arrested and charged with marking the cards during a game of blackjack.

It was told by an anonymous source that the security had told him that he was too good at playing this particular game and labeled him an advantaged player.

There are many famous stars who like to gamble Like Tiger Woods and Pamela Anderson but not all have been had bans placed on them. Ben who is unpresumptuous who comprehends how to play the game review review

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