History of blackjack and origins of the game

Modern blackjack and its Italian connection

Trentuno (31) as the Italian game is called in Italy is very similar to the game of blackjack. The point in this game was to get a hand from 3 cards totaling 31. The evidence shows that this game was very popular in 14th century Italy.   It was that popular that there were sermons taking place, about it being the devil’s work. They criticised the addictiveness of the game, one of the most famous sermons was the one read by St. Bernadine of Sienna. His readings were so infectious, that the public carried out card burning a dice burning.   The book “Garangtua and Pantagruel” written by Francois Rabelais dates 1532 and 1542 states blackjack as one of the 100 games that are mentioned.

In the 17th century Italy there was another game called Sette mezze (seven and a half) which was inspired by the older game of 31. The rules of the game stated that it was only played with 8’s. 9’s, 10’s and the face cards. Face cards were worth 1 and all the face cards were worth ½ the rest of the cards were counted as their actual values.   The game also incorporated a wild card which was the King of Diamonds, players could substitute this if needed to make up the difference needed.   When a player got higher than 7 ½  they would be bust, to win a player needed to have a value of 7.5.   In this game, the dealer could hit or stand whenever he chose unlike in modern blackjack.

Blackjack from Spain

Referenced with the same name as the Italian game of Trentuno (31). The Famous Spanish writer os Don Quixote,   Wrote a short story about ‘Riconote and Cortodello’ in the 16th century.   It mentions that two thieves that keep cheating people in a game called ‘Trentuno’  This Spanish mention is referenced more than 150 years after the Italian sermons by St, Bernadine, so it is assumed it was the same game as the Italian one.

Blackjack and the French game Vingt et un

Vingt et un is another similar game to the modern day game of blackjack. The aim of the game is the same to achieve the magic value of 21,   although in this variant the players can bet on all rounds and only the dealer can decide to double or not. When the dealer did get a natural,   it would mean that the players in the game would have to pay him to triple the original amount bet. Depending on the drawn card and due to the fact aces could be either 1 or 11, is the reason this game is said to be the true forebear of the modern blackjack game.

This game became the most popular in France during the reign of King Louis the XV. He had a mistress named Madame du Berry who would keep on arranging parties so her friends could sit down and play Vingt et un.

Napoleon Bonaparte the French General was strongly against gambling of any sort and was strongly open about the fact, spent his time when he was exiled playing this same game.

One thing is for obvious when going over the history of the game is the allusiveness even to the most clued up of researchers is where the real origins lie. Some researchers say the French version Vingt et Un,  is the where blackjack derived from. There are others that say with just as much enthusiasm, and also lots of researchers who say that Casino games do not change and blackjack is its own unique game.

The blackjack game and the United States of America

Blackjack’s voyage to the United States can be followed to the years taking after the French Revolution and the immense emigration of people from Europe to the Americas. It was to a great degree well known in the New Orleans district where it went under the name ‘21‘. Through the eighteenth and mid-nineteenth century betting was widespread in the United States and Blackjack was popularly known and the game that had the best rewards. On the off chance that any player figured out how to draw an Ace and a Jack in dark spade they were paid 10 times their wager and this specific payout attempted to make blackjack particularly prominent the nation over.

With the game blackjack getting to be distinctly famous and more players joining the positions of individuals wagering with the expectation that they would win 10 times more than they wager, control of the gaming chances and changing wagers turned out to be more incessant. This control turned into the reason for sorted out wrongdoing and betting rings and the administration needed to depend on proclaiming all betting exercises as illicit. The condition of Nevada was solitary in declaring that betting was legitimate in 1931 and this gets underway the current history of the diversion in the United States. Speculators from over the world ran into Nevada and right up ’til today, Blackjack remains the most well known of card amusements in these casino gambling clubs.

In advanced circumstances, Blackjack has been reliably among the main 3 games played in casino houses the world over. Slight changes like felt tables, hued chips, techniques and card checking have tagged along at normal interims and have been effectively absorbed by the players. The most persuasive change that helped the interest of blackjack considerably promote among the general population has been the simple accessibility of the amusement in online gambling clubs. With the appearance of the inter-web and the ease one can access the virtual gambling clubs, blackjack has turned into the most played casino game in the virtual world. With most gambling clubs offering a wide variety of blackjack games these days, and an incredible assortment of rewards and payouts the fame has just expanded complex. While the ambiance and excitement of the land-based casino which cannot be completely duplicated in the online gambling casino, the energy that is connected with blackjack stay undiluted.

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