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Bitcoin wallet

For many online businesses and also in online blackjack casinos. Bitcoin is no longer a rarity as an approved payment method. The online payment system was released in 2009 and is basically a separate, virtual currency. So you can exchange your money in various virtual exchange offices to Bitcoins. Then you can pay with special e-wallets in Bitcoin Casinos. We have summarized the most important information and advantages of Bitcoin. And created a list of the online Bitcoin casinos, which in 2018 are among the best providers for gamblers from the UK.

Benefits of Bitcoin as a Blackjack Casino Payment

  • Convenient and fast deposits without currency conversions
  • Bitcoins are also accepted in many online shops
  • Toll-free payout of casino winnings
  • Anonymous online payments
  • Also, the payment of large Bitcoin sums is usually done within a very short time


How to use Bitcoin for payments

First of all, you need to exchange real money for bitcoins at one of the many online exchange bureaus. One that specialises in the virtual currency. You can then transfer the bitcoins to either your PC or your mobile device. Download or deposit in a cloud solution, a Bitcoin Online Wallet.

The currency units then end up either in the software installed on your PC. Or in the virtual wallet on the cloud server. From there you can send the bitcoins to the casino online as soon as you want to make a deposit. At the online casino cashier, you simply have to select the payment method (in this case Bitcoin). And get an address to which you have to send the bitcoins. Everything else can now be controlled with the Cloud account or the software on PC or mobile phone. Once you have made the payment, the balance should be available to you directly in the casino online.

You can enjoy these benefits in Online Bitcoin Blackjack Casinos

Bitcoin payments are especially easy to make due to the fast and easy-to-use online Bitcoin payment system. Bitcoin is an increasingly popular form of payment on the Internet. In just a few steps, and with the ease of using a software or online solution. You can buy bitcoins and transfer them to your blackjack casino account. This will save you from using online payment service providers. And the hassle that time-consuming international bank transfers bring with them.

All benefits at a glance

  • Particularly secure payment option
  • Fast cash transfers without annoying formalities
  • Anonymous and secure casino payments
  • Increasing value of cryptocurrencies
  • Free deposits and withdrawals

The anonymity and security of payments on the Internet is another plus that speaks for the use of this online payment method. Everything the online blackjack casino Bitcoin provider receives upon payment receipt through you is a bitcoin number and your name. So you are completely safe from scammers and hackers. You do not have to disclose your bank details on the Internet either.

The Bitcoin price development of the last 5 years

Bitcoin graph

Fee structure and where you can pay anywhere with Bitcoins

Online Bitcoin casinos do not charge for depositing into the account or for the payment in the virtual currency. Receiving bitcoins on your PC is also free. Some e-wallets charge small fees, but they are much lower than traditional e-payment service providers. So, the payouts of casino profits by Bitcoin are not only the fastest but also the cheapest.

Once you have received bitcoins in your account, you can either sell them and convert them into real money. Or use the currency for shopping or paying on the internet. In addition to the numerous Bitcoin casinos, for example, Expedia, Microsoft, Dell, and Dish. These companies are part of a growing trend that accepts the Virtual currency for online purchases.

Find reputable and secure gambling providers

If you are new to Bitcoin and looking for an online casino that accepts this payment system? Then you have come to the right place!. We have researched many gambling sites available to the UK. Then have been able to determine which casinos where you can deposit with Bitcoins. And then tested the various providers and decided which are the best Bitcoin casinos online as of 2018. These are available for gamblers from the UK.

We have not only checked the payment process for their functionality. But also examined other sections of the online casino. We make sure that the recommended provider communicates in English. And you as a gambler from the UK find that they are competent and have a fast-acting customer service.  We can guarantee that in these Bitcoin casinos you will find the best real-money games and excellent online customer service. A unique bonus program and the security and reliability of the providers are exceptionally high.



What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an Internet payment software and at the same time a stand-alone currency. It can be exchanged for local currencies such as GB Pounds, Euros, US dollars etc. Many established companies and numerous online casinos are now accepting Bitcoin as an accepted currency and payment method.

How does Bitcoin work?

Once you have downloaded the software on PC or mobile phone. You can buy bitcoins online or exchange them in various official exchange offices on the Internet. You can then download the bitcoins purchased with the software. Upon payment, you will receive a contact number. You then use this to transfer the amount of the currency units with the help of the Bitcoin software.

Can I use it in online casinos?

Since more and more global companies such as Microsoft, Expedia, Tesla and Dell that accept payment with Bitcoins. Some since 2014. More and more online casinos are catching up. Meanwhile, there are already several online casinos In the UK, which allow the deposits and withdrawals.

Which online casinos accept Bitcoin payments?

As of 2018, you have the opportunity to use the virtual currency in a good dozen online casinos as a British gambler. There are more providers every month, where you can pay with this virtual currency. The best online casinos that accept Bitcoin for English speaking players. Can be found in an up-to-date list here on this page. (to follow)

Is Bitcoin legal in the United Kingdom?

Although the Bitcoin software has been banned in some countries, such as Russia or Bolivia. You can pay in almost every country in the world, including the UK. Bitcoin online currency is completely legal in the UK and without any restrictions.

Is bitcoin safe to use?

Bitcoin is considered safer than all previously known e-payment services. Only by using your software on a computer or mobile device can you access and make payments to your account. One thing you need to be aware of is hackers. If they gain access to your computer, they can clear your entire account without any major problems. This is why we recommend a good antivirus like Kaspersky or McAfee. This should stop them in their tracks.

How are profits paid out in bitcoin casinos?

Your casino winnings are also available in Bitcoin and can be downloaded into your software. From there you can either use the Bitcoins to shop at other online services. Pay bills or sell them and convert them to real money.

How is Bitcoin compared to other methods?

Compared to traditional methods, Bitcoin payment is considered fast and secure. The anonymity of the payment is preferred by many gamblers. Some people also use Bitcoins as an investment opportunity. And keep their online casino profits and hope to increase their value in the long term by investing more value. Rather than putting savings into a bank account where interest rates are currently at an all-time low.


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